Mary & Tod

Mary & Tod are each separately endearing, charming, relatable, kind, and gracious.  Together, they are all these things plus respectful, courteous, and supportive to one another and to all they meet.  They are inspiring.  There are plenty of types of loves out there – puppy love, love/hate, young love, past loves, crazy love.  But what Mary & Tod have is what I would define as true love.  It’s not flashy, its not in your face, it’s just real, and deep, and the kind of love you wish for anyone you care for in life.  Because that love is truly never ending.

Mary & Tod were the ULTIMATE clients.  They were respectful and kind, laid back and care free, 100% trusted our vision, and were happy and in love.  That vibe always sets the tone for a wonderful wedding day.  So even when it was pouring down rain, no one was up in arms, no one shed a tear.  They just knew what they were there to do and rain wasn’t going to put a damper on that.

When Mary and I initially talked about the day, she told me photos of her shoes and things like that weren’t necessary really.  So of corse I envisioned that her shoes must be more for comfort and maybe not exciting.  So you can imagine my reaction when I saw these Badgley Mischka’s sitting there.  I may have hollered at Mary that I couldn’t believe she’d think I wouldn’t be photographing her shoes, and off I went to spend some time with them.  I felt very in my happy place with these sweet sweet shoes.Mary – I know you don’t know how gorgeous you are, but seriously.  You are SO amazing.And Tod – you aren’t so bad yourself!  So handsome and charming.  Some people may recognize these girls if you’ve perused back far enough on our website or been watching our work long enough.  We were lucky enough to photograph Tod’s daughters Amanda and BreeAnn’s senior photos back in the day.  We were so thrilled that after doing weird things like making BreeAnn get in a rolling laundry basket at the laundromat and trespassing at some random property with soda machines and a crazy barking dog – that Mary & Tod still wanted to hire us for their own wedding.  And we were so happy to capture the love and respect these two girls have for Mary and Tod, and how much joy they all have when they are together. Welcome to gorgeous town.We were fortunate enough that the rain stopped and we had a bit of time to get some outside shots.  Love the way Mary smiles when Tod kisses her.  One of our faves from the day!Love when Mother Nature hands you something less than desirable only to give you more opportunities for great shots!  More of that to come…Mary had mentioned that the church she and Tod would be married in had just replaced their stained glass window and that it was lit at night so she’d wondered if we could get a night shot by it.  Never one to turn down the opportunity to get a cool night shot we took a walk back to the church.While on the walk, Roger mentioned he had something he wanted to try.  He kept telling us that we might think it was dumb, but that he had something in his head he wanted to see if he could make happen.  Now, I very well know that when he gets these ideas I’m usually going to love it, but as he was setting this up I just didn’t see it.  He talked me through it, said to do this, this, and this, and when I clicked the shutter… I nearly made out with him right there. It was THAT hot.  I promised Mary & Tod that if it rained on their day would would make something magical still happen, and while I may have been the one holding the camera and clicking the shutter – Roger delivered.  Mother Nature… checkmate.Mary & Tod – it was wonderful having you as clients, but even better gaining you as friends.  We cannot thank you enough for choosing us for your day, and will always be thankful.  You two are truly admirable and magnificent people. Tod – I’m totally holding you to the girls’ plan of the pyramid.  I’ve been really trying to get in shape and watch my weight, so by the time Amanda or BreeAnn get married I will be ready. Wanna see more of Mary & Tod’s day?  Be sure to watch their slideshow!!!

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Amanda Zika - Okay, every shot is amazing from this wedding but…jaw drop to the floor….oh my garsh…that last one is sooooo amazing. It may be one of the most gorgeous shots I have ever seen. Way to take advantage and have an artistic eye on a wedding day. Seriously talented folks!

Stacy McPeek-Smith - WOW! WOW! WOW! I mean really… what else is there to say? WOW!

Jen Cato - Amazing and beautiful shots! I LOVE the last one especially! Well done and congratulations to the gorgeous couple! 😀

Lisa Kuhn - Roger & Karin – The last photo is absolutely amazing! It really shows your talent and artistic skills! That photo is definately a prize winner or magazine cover!! Keep up the great work!

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