Mary & Joseph {Wedding Day}

That’s right – Mary & Joseph.  There are many reasons why these two go together, but Biblically – they had it on their side.  These two have a timeless love.  It’s not about the fairytale or unrealistic fantasies – it’s about being one another’s best friend – one you searched a long time to find, but felt was out there.  I watched Mary & Joe when they had no idea I was around (OK – that’s sort of creepy, but I am a people watcher through and through) and the way Mary looks at Joe, and listens to him, and adores him is very deep.  And Joe is protective of Mary in a very caring, warm way.  He makes sure she is happy and content and then worries about himself later.  They are both selfless and in love.  Their wedding day was set up as a photographer’s dream.  Fall colors, tons of time to relax, and a happy couple.  Enjoy their photos!


I have to mention that Mary’s make up was impeccable.  I have worked with Holly who owns ProColour cosmetics in the past and found her to be an amazing artist.  I was so thrilled to see the work she did for Mary.  I can’t stress enough how having someone professional do your makeup makes a HUGE difference for your photos.  Professional make up not only looks better in photos, it lasts the entire day.  And PS – No matter what you may think – you can never have on too much makeup for photos – but you can have not enough.


The flowers were SO stunning!mj11

Mary – I don’t think you have any idea how gorgeous you are, and that is what makes you a total knock out!  Your beauty was breathtaking!mj01

Workin it out Joe… workin it out.  I told you how dumb it was that you don’t like photos!mj02mj13mj06mj04mj03mj07mj05mj15mj10mj18mj17

Not gonna lie – when Mary said she wanted to go to this graffiti wall – I did a little happy dance.mj16mj09mj08mj19

These two had a candy buffet like no other and their cake was to die for!mj20mj21mj22

Mary & Joe – the heavens were blessing your wedding day because after a month filled with non stop rain – you got a gem of a day!  Even though the sunshine felt great – watching the two of you tie the knot felt even better!  Thanks for allowing Roger and I to be a part of your day!  Congrats and tons of happiness to you both!

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Dondi - Looks like this was a fun wedding! So cool! Love it!!! Fall is my favorite time for a wedding. Good job Karin!

Mary - Karin and Roger, I cannot thank you enough for what an outstanding job you did of capturing our day. I’m sure I’ll be looking at these all day instead of working.

Pamela - great job- mary, you looked beautiful!

Jeanne - What a beautiful bride! Your entire wedding was beautiful. Love all of the flowers and colors. I know you enjoyed every moment. Continued blessings and happiness.

Dawn Devall - Again, unbelievable! And you’re right, that cake was awesome! Loved it!

Cindy Holshouser - Your pictures of this wedding are STUNNING. I am in awe of how many of them seem to be impromptu yet you captured precious facial expressions in unusual ways. Absolutely gorgeous!

Beverly Nash - What amazing photos. Mary you look stunning. I am so very happy for you and Joe and wish you many years of love to come.

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