Mary Ellen & Chris {Wedding Day}

We walked in to a sea of hairspray and a hotel room filled  with laughter and friendship.  I knew from Mel & Chris’s engagement session that this was going to be a VERY good day.  Mel (Mary Ellen) is  the sweetest girl you ever did meet, and Chris is so warm and friendly.  Both are perfectly made for one another and are so polite and kind with their words, their actions, and their looks.  And ahhh yes – their looks.  Easy on the eyes to say the least, but neither one knows exactly how attractive they are.  The camera loves these two.  Mel & Chris aren’t fake.  They are who they are, and this is why photos of them are so endearing.  You can’t fake how happy they are and when you see these photos – you are going to fall in love with them.  Consider yourself warned!  Enjoy Mel & Chris’s wedding!

This is Mel – all day.  She is absolutely adorable.  We should all experience life like Mel – with our heart wide open and a laugh that makes your cheeks hurt!My Lord does it get any prettier than this?When I was a little girl I envisioned what a bride looked like.  In my head she was very pure and fresh looking.  Timeless.  Someone smart and kind and undeniably… beautiful. When I looked at Mary Ellen when taking this photo – I remembered my vision of a bride as a child and knew that this was exactly what I saw.  Mel – you embody everything a bride should be – but better yet, everything a man would hope for in a wife.  Beautiful. Inside and out.Chris – I can barely handle your handsomeness.  There.  I said it.O.K.  So listen.  The first thing you should know is that most of the photos on this post are Roger’s images.  And the ones you will LOVE will be the ones he took.  He deserves a HUGE shout out for the images he has been producing.  I’ve always said that he has the “Midas Touch”.  If he wants to do something bad enough, he won’t only do it – he’ll perfect it.  No matter what he sets his mind to, it turns into gold.  And when he showed me this image on his screen of his camera… my jaw hit the floor and I kissed him.  On the mouth.  Yeah – it’s THAT good.  Eat your heart out.Our favorite church to photograph 4-ever.Seriously – don’t hate them because they are so attractive.  They can’t help it.I’ve seen this photo 100 times and I STILL laugh.Mad props for the Thriller Entrance.

Mary Ellen & Chris – Roger and I could not imagine not being there for your day.  We would have missed out on so much laughter, and happiness, and love.  It’s a honor to witness two people so clearly made for one another tie the knot.  As a couple – we see alot of weddings, and our favorite days are the ones that make us appreciate each other a little more.  You two are role models on how two people should treat one another, and your love is infectious.  We are so blessed to have met you and so thankful to have been a part of your day!

Enjoy happily ever after!!


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Amanda Zika - Holy Batman Karin!!!!! Um, why couldn’t this be a video/photo wedding so I could shoot it with you. I am so jealous! They are gorgeous. And Roger, yep, once again you rocked it. You need to change your name to Starry Eyed Rockstar Photography! Can I get credit if you change it 😉 I miss you guys so much. We need to shoot together again pronto!

Laura Ranger - Wow…These photos need to be in a magazine! Simply Gorgeous!!

Stephanie - This is an amazing wedding! It is so unique and gorgeous! Great job Karin and Roger! And that church! Wowza!

Mel - Karin and Roger – I think I am absolutely speechless!!! These photos are AMAZING!!! I can’t even tell you how much we love them! I seriously can’t stop smiling every time I look at them :). Thank you so so much for the kind words and the beautiful pictures! You both are so wonderful and incredibly talented, and we are so blessed/lucky/happy to have had you share our day with us (and capture it so magnificently!) Thank you for everything!!! you guys rock 🙂

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