Mary Ellen & Chris {Engaged}

Mary Ellen & Chris are unaware how cute they are.  They seriously think they are awkward and as you look through these photos – you’ll think they are super models.  Their innocence and their love is absolutely heart melting.  Just regular people that love has turned into rock stars.  Check out Mel & Chris and their perfectly sweet love!01

Um – hello skirt. Please come live in my closet.0609

Mel & Chris – show this to your friends and prove to them that you really are total hotness in photos!  They are SO wrong!  And I cannot wait for your wedding day to again prove how much you rock!

[nggallery id=7]

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Brit - I went to college with her, didn’t know she was engaged! Photos turned out great!

kimberly smith - have a look!!

donna walker - love the pic….love mom and dad walker33H2

T Bran - They are so cute! Of course, my favorite is the half shot, I always love to take them and to see them, the last photo on the BLOG – Stellar!!! You are right in saying they are a cute couple as well!

Maria - Awww! Look how cute the future Mr. & Mrs. Walker are 🙂

KeRi - i love how u phrased this – mel & chris really are rockstars, due in large part to eachother. 🙂 way 2 capture their fun, quirky love in such a great way! lovin the street shot – mel looks beautiful and chris is handsome as always

Amanda Zika - Another hot couple!!!! I love how unique these are! You have such the eye for photography!

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