Mary & Chris aka Sulli {Engaged}

They were one another’s back up dates.  Plus ones.  Friends.  He thought she was cute from the start – he loved her fire and her competitiveness.  She at first meeting thought he was a dork – his stories about Vegas were pretty annoying.  Soon after is where a friendship started.  After 4 years of that friendship – there was a lightbulb moment… “Why wasn’t she dating Chris?”  He must have had the same moment because he said to her one night “I have a confession… I’ve been waiting to ask you for over 2 years…”  “O.K.” she said as her heart skipped a beat.  “O.K.?” he said.  “O.K., let’s do this, let’s start dating!” she said.  He was shocked and happy.  And that’s where love started.

He had plenty of proposal scenarios in mind.  He wanted to ask her on St.Patricks Day, but the ring wasn’t ready yet.  So he opted to ask at his softball game.  He had it all planned out – he’d fake an injury and when she came on the field to check on him he’d pull the ring out and propose.  When the day of the game came, Mary made plans to play tennis.  And as luck would have it – Chris was badly injured in the game.  When she carried in the groceries that night and was putting them away, Chris got down on one knee behind her and as she turned around – he asked her to be his wife.  As Mary’s close friend always says – “Everything great happens in the kitchen!” -and that is just where an engagement started.

Mary & Chris look forward to their upcoming wedding day, and to their future.  Mary looks to the adventures in the future, to laughter, and to falling more in love every day.  Chris looks forward to every single day.  To “all the new beginnings,  a family,  to just knowing that I am sharing each day and new adventure with my best friend, and to knowing that from July 16th on we will be husband and wife.”  And THAT is where a marriage will start.

Congrats Chris (Sulli) & Mary!  

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Mary - Love%20Love%20Love%20it!%20You%20and%20Roger%20are%20absolutely%20amazing%2C%20can’t%20wait%20to%20see%20you%20in%20July!!%20xoxo

John B. Deas - WOW! What wonderful pictures. Congratulations to the both of you.

Yvonne Carroll - Yvonne Carroll – OMG…I am so happy for you and Sulli and these pictures are BEAUTIFUL… Congratulations and best wishes to you and Chris.

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