Marisa + Matt {wedding story}

Oh these two.  Good Lord.  From the moment we met Marisa and Matt we were charmed by them.  Their love is just so filled with life.  It’s genuine and sincere, kind and sweet.  The two have been in love since they were kids so they know one another like they know the back of their hand, yet somehow their relationship is still fresh like a couple who just recently fell in love.
It’s impossible not to love these two, and after getting some time with their families it’s quite obvious why they are so amazing.  They have been raised by some truly kind and remarkable people, so it’s no wonder that they are who they are, however the wonder is that these two people were lucky enough to find one another.  To not only grow up together, but to grow old together.  It’s inspiring to see a love like theirs, and their day perfectly represented them.  Fresh, joyful, sincere, and filled with love.
Enjoy Marisa and Matt’s beautiful wedding day sneak peek!!!tensixteen100tensixteen101tensixteen102tensixteen103tensixteen104You may remember this lil gal from Marisa and Matt’s engagement session.  She wasn’t going to be left out on such an important day!!tensixteen105Marisa – you are stunning.  Just completely adorable and beautiful all in one!!  tensixteen106Matt  – seriously you are one of the best grooms we’ve ever been fortunate enough to know.  So kind and caring to everyone – especially those you love.  tensixteen107tensixteen108tensixteen109First looks are always the best!! <3tensixteen110tensixteen111tensixteen112tensixteen113tensixteen114tensixteen115tensixteen116The setting at The Rail Golf Course in Springfield IL is just gorgeous!!tensixteen117tensixteen118tensixteen119tensixteen120tensixteen121tensixteen122tensixteen123tensixteen124tensixteen125tensixteen126tensixteen127Truly adorable.tensixteen128tensixteen129tensixteen130tensixteen131tensixteen132I will admit it… I’m obsessed with cake balls. And cupcakes.  And dessert in general. Especially when they are all as pretty as these!tensixteen133tensixteen134tensixteen135tensixteen136tensixteen137tensixteen138tensixteen139tensixteen140tensixteen141We snuck these two away from their party for a few more photos before the sun went down.  So thankful when the conditions and couples allow for this magical time.  The stress is gone, the light is perfect, and we can just relax together and get some great images of the newlyweds!tensixteen142tensixteen143tensixteen144tensixteen145tensixteen146tensixteen147tensixteen148tensixteen149tensixteen150tensixteen151tensixteen152Marisa and Matt – we are so grateful that you found us and chose us to capture your perfect day!!  We loves every second of it all and truly cherish knowing you!!  We are beyond thankful!!
Enjoy more of this unforgettable day in the slideshow below!!

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