Mandy & Charlie {engaged}

“So Casi told me you wanted to go out with me sometime.”  While it was true – Mandy didn’t say that.  She swiftly let him know that while she would like to, she’d never told Casi she was interested in a date.  But thank goodness Casi stretched the truth, because there was no way Charlie would have been brave enough to ask had he not thought Mandy was interested.

The first date was basically an all day event.  Charlie had a softball tournament to play in and a wedding reception to attend that evening, so Mandy packed a bag and headed out with Charlie for a fun filled day.  After spending the day together and meeting all of his friends, Mandy knew it was something special.  One year later almost to the day – they were at the same softball tournament.  Charlie’s friends had become Mandy’s friends and much had changed in a year.  Like the fact that the two had become inseparable and deeply in love.  Mandy was talking with a girlfriend of one of Charlie’s teammates when Charlie walked up and simply said “Hey, will you hold this for me?” and handed her a softball that had the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” written on it.  In front of a crowd of 30 plus onlookers, Mandy was up and out of her chair and had the ring on her finger before Charlie had time to get down on one knee.  The answer was a definite YES!

Mandy & Charlie will be married next November in front of family and friends and look forward to building their lives together and starting a family as quickly as possible!   Enjoy Mandy & Charlie’s smokin hot engagement session.

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Mandy - The pictures are amazing! I can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you soooo much!

Amanda Zika - You seriously rock! I am in love with your work. Always fresh and always creative!

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