Mallory & Ryan {Wedding Day}

Mallory and Ryan started having second thoughts.  Not about marriage – about their wedding photographer – and that’s where we come into the picture.  We felt very blessed that they both felt comfortable in hiring us to replace the photographer things weren’t working out with, and just as in the past where this has happened – we very much felt it was fate that brought us together.  Mallory and Ryan are whole-heartedly in love.  They have extraordinary friends, and amazing strength within their family units.  Plus they are all cute which never hurts.

It was our last wedding of the 2010 wedding season – even though it was 2011 and we couldn’t have been more happy to end it with this amazing day.  The entire day was flawless and things never got stressed or hectic – it was basically a photographer’s dream wedding day.  (Except for the minor case of frostbite.)  Enjoy Mallory & Ryan’s wedding day!

Hello lover…Mallory’s girls made me

A.jealous of how close they are and

B. feel like an additional bridesmaid.  They are the best group of girls EVER!Mallory – AYKM?  You are STUNNING.  Had I of known how comfortable you would be in front of the camera I would have scooped you up long ago and made you mine.  (PS – This is Karin writing this.  If that were Roger that would be pretty awkward.)  (PSS – maybe it’s still awkward?)And sweet, sweet Ryan.  Look how handsome you are… like it’s nobody’s business.  Way to work it out.Obsessed with this church and how cute it is.Many times the bride and groom see one another before the wedding and this is what we call a “First Glance”.  On Mallory and Ryan’s day – she and her dad had a “First Glance” where she was unveiled to him for the first time on her wedding day.  This won’t be the only time I mention their INCREDIBLE family bond and how awestruck we were with their unmistakable devotion, but this instance was one of my personal most favorite wedding day moments ever.clutches instead of bouquets = clever!A little pre-ceremony prayer.  Somehow – even though it was freezing cold… you two make it look HOTTTT!rrrawrrr
Our favorite time of the day to photograph… the blue 15 minutes of the day.  And could that be more fitting when your bridesmaid dresses are blue?  Check to the mark!More fabulousness!!!OK – so here was a highlight of my evening.  I was taking a couple photos of these awesome photo boards containing wedding photos of guests and family who were attending the wedding when I saw it!  Our photo.  There on the board.  I screamed out loud a little and ran (literally) and found Roger.  His response was “neat”.  O.K.  If by neat you mean – HOLY MOTHER OF GOD ISN’T THAT SO AWESOME!  I personally thought it was above and beyond sweet of Mallory and Ryan to include us on their inspiration board of wedding photos.  There was alot of history in those photos – a great reminder of why we love what we do and each other!Again – this family could not be more amazing.  It couldn’t fit on this blog – I’d have to write an 80 page book.  Like Mallory did.  For her mother as a gift.  Yeah.  Over achiever.There are alot of favorite parts about this day… but this one right here took me right straight to my happy place.  They had a… wait for it… Hot Chocolate Bar.  I’m not just talking some Swiss Miss and hot water either.  I’m talking Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loopas gone wild: Hot Chocolate Bar.  Deluxe.  It was 100% heaven.This was the first time I ever handed back wedding rings that were sticky.  

Mr. & Mrs. Duncan… you two are the bomb.  We definately wish we could have gotten to know you more and had more time with you leading up to the wedding – but the time we experienced your love will never be forgotten.  Your wedding day was just like your love… AMAZING.  Big puffy hearts amazing.  Thank you so much for trusting us to capture your day the way you had hoped for.  We hope we succeeded!

Best wishes to you both!!

There is NO WAY to fit all the amazingness that was Mallory & Ryan’s day onto a blog post, so head to the slideshow for more!!

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Jessica Zobrist - Well, I’m ready to get married again! LOVE the dark blue and damask– striking! And LOVE the original idea of the photo board with wedding pictures. That must’ve taken a lot of time, but what a wonderful way to honor your guests? LOVE this wedding!

Amanda Zika - I am in love with the blue sky photo too! Perfect timing. And yes, this looked like a perfect wedding day. Beautiful couple and beautiful photos!

admin - You had a pretty stellar day yourself Jessica! You can always use the blue and damask when you have a boy baby shower. 😉

Sherree Lynn Schneider - I feel like I’m stalking your wedding photo’s Karin. I’m addicted to each wedding you put up so I can see your “amaziness” at work. 🙂 I literally had tears rolling down my face from the emotions you caught of the bride and her dad’s first glance…those just always tug at my heart, like it was with my own dad, who had tears in his eyes all the way down the isle. LOVED their HoT cHoCoLaTe bar…(wish I would have been a guest at their wedding…I LOVE hot chocolate). Their wedding photo board was a beautiful addition, and the reception hall’s decorations and colors were gorgeous. I gotta pull myself away from your pictures, I tell you, I wanna get married all over again for you to do my wedding. LOL Maybe I should hire you guys to do my mom and dad’s 50th Anniversary coming up this year, but you probably already have a wedding planned for that Saturday.

Allison Duncan - STUNNING. wow this is beautiful! AWESOME job!

Alison Bustard - Yeah!! Beautiful! I too have been an avid blog-stalker for many moons…and of course have been VERY excited to see the Duncsley wedding blog 🙂 And you never let me down! I always love your commentary… always makes me giggle. But these photos are BREATHTAKING. So glad you were able to capture their day…and be a honorary bridesmaid 😉 I keep looking through and can’t seem to decide which is my favorite. <3 Can't wait to see the rest!

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