Maggie + Adam {wedding story}

There’s something magical about a December wedding.  There’s simply a feeling of excitement and joy in the air – and that’s exactly how we would describe Maggie and Adam’s wedding day.  Every moment was heartfelt, exciting, and filled with joy.  It was chilly out, but not as cold as it could have been.  Just enough to snuggle in a little closer.  And that’s just what they did.
Maggie is fantastic because she says what she feels and is vibrant.  She gathers every single ounce of joy that can be had in each moment and is all in.  Her laughter fills the air and her love radiates.  When Maggie loves you, she all in loves you – and that’s exactly how she loves Adam.  There’s no questions, no doubt – she absolutely, wholeheartedly LOVES him.  Adam goes with the flow.  He’s a little less conspicuous with his emotions, but is the perfect complement to Maggie.  They blend together flawlessly.  We are so excited to share their wedding day with you today!!  ENJOY!!
MA_001Seriously Maggie – could you be any more gorgeous!?!?  MA_002MA_003MA_004Love this photo!!MA_005MA_006MA_007There was a funny little exchange here that had everyone within ears length cracking up!MA_008MA_009You know you’ve got a great girl when she even makes the priest crack up. <3MA_010Maggie and her mom often sing at weddings, so when Maggie’s mom sang there wasn’t a dry eye in the church.  Unforgettable!!

MA_011MA_012MA_013MA_014MA_015Large wedding parties can be difficult to manage, but this group was easily the most fun wedding party in history!!  There is nothing better than being surrounded by so many people who love you, and Maggie and Adam are so fortunate to have such a beautiful support system in their friends.MA_016The laughter just never gets old!MA_017even for the guys!MA_018MA_019MA_020MA_021One of my favorite moments!  The split second just before the kiss!MA_022MA_023MA_024MA_025After photos and hitting up their favorite bar, we headed to Mater Dei – the area’s local High School – for a quick football game.  It was Adam’s one request, and Maggie reluctantly agreed to make it part of the day since it was important to him.  It ended up being one of her favorite moments from the day as you could hear here talking with her bridesmaids about how much fun she was having.  It was such a fun time watching this group cracking up, and being completely carefree.  It was definitely something that we’ll never forget!MA_026MA_027MA_028MA_029MA_030MA_031After their game was complete, we of course needed some team photos.  MA_032MA_033MA_034Game faces…MA_035MA_036and the #1 champs shot was a must. 😉MA_037MA_038After all the outdoor fun, we headed to the beautiful reception to warm up and ejoy more wonderful memories.MA_039MA_040Maggie’s nephew is one of the sweetest boy’s I’ve ever met, but he truly won my heart when he preformed a rap for Maggie and Adam’s wedding day.  Not only did he nail it, he brought me to tears with how he fearlessly got up in front of hundreds of people and just brought the room such joy. MA_041MA_042
MA_044MA_045MA_046MA_047MA_048MA_043MA_049And the night wouldn’t have been complete without a few night photos with the wintery lights and some sweet moments.  MA_050MA_051MA_052

Roger and I will take away so many memories from this day.  The day was filled with heartfelt moments and such joy, but what we will remember most was how stress free the day was.  Everything was perfect and all the T’s were still crossed, but Maggie and Adam had a BLAST on their wedding day and didn’t sweat the small stuff.  That’s what we take away as guests at a wedding – not the memories of the linens or the insignificant details – but the joy and happiness that was shared by the couple, and their family and friends.  Wedding days are meant to be one of the most happy days of your life, and that’s exactly what it will be for Maggie and Adam.  We are so grateful to have been a part of something so special!
BUT WAIT!  There’s more!!  Please check out the video below for more of Maggie and Adam’s spectacular day!

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