Lyndsey & Derek {Wedding Day}

Lyndsey & Derek’s wedding was one we were looking forward to for many reasons.  First off, I love a small town wedding.  St.Louis is WONDERFUL for weddings – don’t get me wrong.  But when people see the warm personality of a small town wedding they are drawn to it – and this wedding was no exception.  Another reason we looked forward to it was because Lyndsey has amazing taste.  Not only in photographers, but in details.  (O.K. Derek, and men.)  Her mother says they get it from Lyndsey’s grandmother, but regardless who it comes from – they’ve got it going on!  You’ll see. Just wait.  Finally – Lyndsey & Derek and their families and friends are welcoming, warmhearted people.  The kind you instantly adore and wish you’d met sooner.  They make you feel part of the family from the moment you meet them, and for the first time since we moved here 3 years ago – we finally felt home. We are excited to share Lyndsey & Derek’s small town wedding – with some big city flava.  Enjoy!

One of the many reasons to be jealous you don’t live here… Coco Bongo.  The salon where the girls got ready.  I have never in my life seen a salon treat a bridal party so well.  Jello shots, fresh fruit, champagne, and some block rockin beats on the stereo.  Even Roger enjoyed it.  (Yes, Roger was there with a building filled with women.  While he never wanted to be quite this in touch with his feminine side – I think he secretly enjoys being surrounded by all the pretty ladies.)

Lyndsey’s dress made me weak in the knees.  I was in awe of her all day and still find myself thinking about this dress.  Just so amazing and SO Lyndsey.  Even the mother of the bride dress was fabulous.  (Donna – the adoption offer remains on the table.  Think about it.)Lyndsey – you are beautiful in a ponytail and jeans.  It doesn’t matter what you wear you will always be jaw droppingly gorgeous.  However – on your wedding day – you were UNBELIEVABLY, DROP DEAD, SUPERMODEL, MOVIE STAR, GORGEOUS.  It’s just ridiculous that a person can look THAT good.  Seriously.And O.M.G. Derek – you and your damn dimples and blue eyes.  You are so stinkin handsome.  It’s no wonder Lyndsey (and your momma) adores you.Lyndsey will be a spokesperson for the “First Glance” option.  For one thing Derek got down on one knee and proposed (again) during their private first glance,  (They wanted to be completely alone and even though I peeked my eye through the crack I couldn’t get my lens in that small of a space, so if you want the story – call me.) and it was a moment she’ll cherish forever.  But she was planning on not seeing one another until a couple weeks before the wedding.  Like other bride’s she was nervous it would take away from the moment she walked down the aisle.  And as you can see – it meant just as much.We may not have the Arch, but we have a bad ass tunnel.  Just sayin.

Roger – you are rocking my world.  For real.Another thing we have in this area is Jenny Hailstone.  If you recall what Jenny’s decorating skills do to me you’ll understand why I was so pumped about this reception.  A HUGE tent, on a BEAUTIFUL piece of property, decorated by Jenny.  Break out the smelling salts again because this girl about passed out AGAIN.  It was like heaven and Martha Stewart Weddings all in one.  If I could have moved into that tent I would have.  Typical reaction to Jenny’s work.  
We stole the newlyweds away from the reception while the sun was setting and the light was in it’s happy place.  I think Derek had enough of me at this point, however Lyndsey was still hanging in like a champ.  Lyndsey wins for her photo taking tolerance, because the photos that were taken during these 10 minutes are mind blowing.  Some of my favorites EVER.I love when the entire day looks like the same color scheme.  From the sky, to the decor, to the dresses, to the ambient glow.  And I love how at night – Lyndsey and Derek’s entire reception matched the jewel tones in the evening sky.  All the bright, clean colors from the day turned into the deep, romantic tones from the night.  It just flowed from beginning to end flawlessly.

Lyndsey & Derek – I used to believe that the best weddings were the ones with all the amazing details.  The ones with the jaw dropping dresses, the beautiful people, the extravagant flowers, the amazing venues, and the crazy in love couple who couldn’t take their eyes off one another.  O.K., so your wedding had all those things.  BUT – after your wedding I realized that in all honesty – the best weddings for us – are the ones where you started off with a bride and groom as clients – and ended with them as friends.  We are so excited to continue to get to know you and Derek and were so honored to have been a part of your day.  Congrats to you both!!

HEY – you’d look bad standing next to a beautiful bride too.  Don’t hate.

Here is a peak at more photos from Lyndsey & Derek’s day!!
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Amanda Zika - Super beautiful wedding. I love all of the details and I wish my house was decorated as good as that wedding. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work Karin!

sara mcdermott - karin, you and Rog rocked this one out girl! I had so many favorites I don’t know how the heck you decided what to post! Great job as always sista!

Sherree Schneider - You’ve always done incredible work Karin, but this one is one of your best I think, and maybe it’s because of all the colors coming together (as you said)…the sky, the lights, the dresses, the decorations, because they truly just melted together so beautifully. I just love looking at your work, I never tire of it. Makes me wanna get married all over again, just so you can do the photo’s. 🙂 I’m thinking of things here that I can come up with just for you to do photo’s of us!

Whittney Lusk - Karin- First i want to start off expressing my appreciation of working with such a one of a kind photographer like you! These photos brought tears of joy to my eyes. Words can’t explain how emotional and wonderful that day and night was, but these photos tells the whole story to never be forgotten. Thanks so much for turning your artwork into a memorable masterpiece for Derek and LYnds!I know she is HAPPY!L and D- YOU ARE GORG! Love, Whitty ps. Karin, Your eyes are the most beautiful greenest eyes I ever seen!

Alyx Denby - W O W!!!! Unbelievable!!! Everything about this day was so beautiful in person, but you guys truly made it look like the living fairytale it was! Lyndsey was a beautiful bride! She was glowing all day, and you did a perfect job capturing that! I have been watching the video over and over again! Great job!!! You guys are amazing!!! 🙂

Jan Wagner - O.M.G.! What a wonderful day for a fantastic couple! You captured all the magical moments and brought them to life. Lyndsey and Derek are made for each other and have a wonderful life ahead of them! Congratualtions!

Judy Watson - This was like a fairytale wedding. Lyndsey and Derek are such a sweet couple and are perfect for each other. I wish them only the best!The pictures were magnificent.

Karen Geninatti - OMG!!! So amazingly beautiful, but then with such beautiful people and photographer that is so wonderful, what would we expect? Lynds, the word “RADIENT” comes to mind, that does not even come close to doing you and your day justice. I enjoyed looking at the pictures and video so much!

Tricia - You are a “Princess Bride”. Beautiful from start to finish. Derek cleans up well too.

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