Lyndsey & Derek {part 2}

I complain about it sometimes… living in the boonies can prove to be difficult some days.  Our internet is slow, our roads are awful, it’s a hour to the nearest mall…  but a quick glance out the window, a cup of coffee on my front porch, hearing the hum of the combines in the fields, so many things I can’t even list – makes me thankful I live where I do.  Because even though you can get amazing photos in the city… you can’t get Sunday afternoons like this!  Lyndsey & Derek hired us to do an extra engagement session, because like me – they like the city – but they love home.  And it shows in these photos.  This session was night and day different from their first – each session was great, but this one… was home.

Don’t get me started on this truck.  I think Derek thought it was mighty weird that I was as excited as I was about something he probably considers an eye sore.  They eye sores are most often my favorite!


It doesn’t get any prettier.


These really bring me to my happy place.


This one sort of makes me tear up.ld207

Sorry – the comentary was a little intense on this one.  I just can’t help myself.  I just love everything about this session.  The next time I’m screaming at the computer for being so slow, or complaining how a cow was loose on the way to Wal-Mart and I couldn’t drive on the road – I’ll remember this session… and I’ll appreciate all that this area has to offer.  Lyndsey & Derek, thanks for being so awesome.  You two have a special place in my heart.  And with these photos… a special place on my wall!  Thanks for getting out of the field a while to get some great photos Derek!  And Lyndsey – thanks for the boots and the overall hotness!  Enjoy!

[nggallery id=15]

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T Bran - Um….I would have to say that they were pretty darn smart to book this other session with you – love love love it. Adorable couple and amazing photos… luck are they? Very darn luckY! My fav – of course, half shot with the truck! Loved it!

Deborah Chandler - Lovely couple…great pictures

Sherree Schneider - WOW…incrediable photo’s Karin…I love the sunset one too…reminds me of a scene from Gone With The Wind. How fun the pics are in the field at night. You just do awesome photography. We just had a new grandson, I would so love for you to photograph him!

Karin - Thanks Tammy, Deborah, and Sherree! A secret Sherree – the light on the ones laying down in the corn is from my headlights! I’m very sophisticated on my lighting! Don’t tell! 😉 I’d love to meet your sweetie grandson! Call me!

Amanda Zika - Karin these are awesome! That silhouette is gorgeous and I love, love, your OCF 🙂

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