Lindsey’s Birthday (the 5th one)

I was an awkward little girl.  Big glasses.  Dorky if you will.  I was not into super girly things.  I didn’t have cute hair things, and wasn’t allowed to wear fingernail polish.  (no my parents weren’t Amish, I have no clue why that was a “bad idea”)  On my 5th birthday, I got a bike.  I loved that bike.  It had a cool rainbow banana seat, streamers from the handle bars, and a basket.  And when I was 10 years old, I finally learned how to ride that bike.  Yes, that’s right.  When I was 10.  I was – as I said – horribly awkward.  Perhaps that is why as an adult I have reverted back to liking childhood things.  Like Hello Kitty (don’t get me started on it), pink, fingernail polish, and… glitter. When I was invited back this year for Lindsey’s 5th birthday party, I was so excited.  Not only to document this adorable little girl’s birthday, or to get free cake and ice cream (man it was good!), but to hang with “my peeps” and get some quality girl time.   As Lindsey and I held hands and crossed the street looking both ways so we could go smell the dogwoods, I felt carefree and happy.  It was great to be in the company of someone who took me back to those innocent days where life seemed neverending and happy.  And even better – a life filled with pink!
WARNING: THIS POST HAS MORE PINK THAN YOU’VE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE.015This years theme… LADYBUGS!024Lindsey had lady bugs on from her head…064to her pink toes!054Lindsey wants you to know how old she is!073044034OK, so OMG!  Gifts are always exciting.  But perhaps the MOST exciting gift this year…taylorswiftcollage2Taylor Swift.  I love her too Lindsey.  I love her too.101The other thing to get pumped about… American Girl Dolls.  Oh yes.  This my friends is SERIOUS business.093My favorite pic.  The streamers, the basket, the training wheels, (the ability to actually ride this bike before your 10), and the great big world to explore.  This photo tells a story of a 5 year old birthday better than any photo I can imagine.081Luckily, before I left Lindsey hugged me and told me she hopes I come to her party next year.  So do I. This slideshow of Lindsey’s party is a must see.  Lindsey – even though I didn’t use a Taylor Swift song, I used another famous blonde artist who captures the spirit of the day even better!  And the song talks about something you LOVE!  I hope your 5th year of life brings you happiness (and glitter!).

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T Bran - OMG – I am loaded with GOOSEBUMPS – not only were the photographs SWEET – love how you told the story and what her little friendship has brought into your life. You are so lucky to have such great clients….that become friends…..and our connection is a little backwards too, we became friends and will soon be your client! Such preciosu photographs this little girl and her family have to cherish – forever. Love it. Love it. Love it.


T Bran - Ok – this is it! Ya gotta love PINK!

Amanda Zika - My heart just melted! What an sweetheart! You captured her personality in such a wonderful way. I am going to have to say that her on the bike is my favorite photo too. I hope her parents order a big one of that!!! That picture reminds me of lollipops, the song from the ice cream truck, staying out playing with childhood friends until the lights came on and hop scotch. The world of childhood. Oh, if only we could go back!

Dondi - Karin, LOVE, LOVE, these pictures! But then again I love all of your pictures! Gracie has some of these ladybug outfits. They are so cute plus they come from my favorite store! Again you have done such a great job!

Dawn Devall - Karin! you ROCK! I am so inviting you to my birthday party! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of her on her bike! Makes me want to buy one myself!

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