Lindsey & Greg {Wedding Day}

Flowers are pretty individually, but when they are put together by Becky Huffman, they are spellbinding.  

These two are going to be great baby makers!

I can take 100 shots of a bride, and Roger will take one for my every 100 and just capture the moment so perfectly every time.  If you are a female and you want a great photograph, call him.  I have his number.

I just love this little series of moments right after the couple walked down the aisle as man and wife.  They didn’t have anyone around for a short 60 seconds.  It’s so amazing to watch people in love when they don’t know you are watching.  (OK, and maybe it’s borderline creepy as well, but I think it’s justified if you have a camera in hand.)



Lindsey’s mom coined the phrase that I will always use from here on out to describe our favorite photo locations… “Unexpectedly Beautiful”.  When Roger scouted for locations for their wedding day, we both knew he’d find these type of locations.  The ones that you’d drive by and never give a second glance, but are loaded with beauty if you just take a little extra time to truly look.  If you knew where these images were taken you’d be very “What the What?!?”, but Lindsey’s mom and I would tell you that just like life – the best things are the ones you don’t see coming.  The unexpectedly beautiful.

Here is the part of the day that gets a little crazy…

She gave him the look.  The don’t you dare do it look.  But he did it.  With more cake than I have ever seen smashed in to one tiny face.  I’m fairly certain Lindsey didn’t know wether to laugh or cry, but in true fashion she laughed through the fiasco and kissed him with everything she had.  It was the first time she used the “what’s mine is your’s” of a marriage to her advantage.  😉

Lindsey & Greg – watching your happiness made us happy.  We do this wedding thing pretty often, but sometimes there are days that just stand out for one reason or another.  Your day stands out.  For your love, for your unguarded approach to loving and experiencing life.  For you looking up to the man you love with respect and confidence.  For caring for the woman you love with nurture and encouragement.  For the love you two share when no one else is watching…

Best wishes to you both!!

Need more of this beautiful day?!?  Watch the slideshow!!

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christine - Absolutely perfect!!! The happiness just oozes out of these images. I love the connection you two make with your couples, you don’t see that often and I believe it’s such an important part of being a photographer and telling the story of your clients!

Lindsey Gammon - Karin and Roger. You guys couldn’t have captured this day better for us. You got the fun out of the whole day….and that’s what we wanted more than anything. I hope in the process you both had fun also. I can’t WAIT to see the rest of the pics….you guys are just SO amazing!!!!!

emily ek designs - these are gorgeous! 🙂

Amanda Zika - I know I say this every time you post a wedding but wow, you are amazing! i see so much love and personality in these photos. You are a true gem in this photography world. And so is Rog!

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