Lindsey & Greg {Engaged}

Remember the older, good looking neighbor boy?  And remember that young girl who watched as the older, good looking neighbor boy hung out with friends and never noticed she even existed?  Until one day… years later when the awkward younger neighbor girl grew into a dynamic, stunning woman and the older boy finally took notice?

It’s a story line we’ve seen in a movie, or read in a book.  It’s the story you’ve heard, but never really seen.  It’s the story of Lindsey & Greg’s love.

Their parents had hoped to set them up some day.  Finally, during her 1st year of graduate school – home on Christmas break – Lindsey’s mom gave Greg’s mom Lindsey’s phone number.  Greg was still that older boy that Lindsey hoped would notice her – and after seeing her around during Christmas… Greg took notice.  So he texted her a message asking if she’d like to go out.  Lindsey had never expected the call, but when she got it… she said yes. What girl doesn’t say yes to the boy she had a schoolgirl crush on?

They went out to a local sports bar to watch the Blues game, and for both of them there was a sense of comfort and ease that doesn’t come often with first dates.  They both felt that there was something special there in the fact that they could be themselves and could just relax and enjoy one another’s company.

Standing in her driveway that night, just like she had hoped for years – she hoped he’d kiss her.  Only this time, he did.

They had a couple more dates during that break, but eventually – Lindsey had to go back to school – 2 1/2 hours away from the boy next door.  Easy to love, but impossible to forget – they continued their relationship.  And eventually, they started discussing a future together.

That fall, Greg worked out his plan.  He had both his parents, and Lindsey’s parents come over to help him carve pumpkins a couple days before Halloween – when Lindsey would be in town to visit.  Lindsey came home that weekend, disappointed because Greg told her he would be busy preparing for a job orientation the next day.  So after a dinner out with her parents, she pulled into the garage to 4 lit pumpkins that said “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”  Greg walked out with the ring tied around her dog’s collar and got down on one knee and asked Lindsey to be his wife.  In total shock… she said yes.  After all, what girl doesn’t say yes to the boy she had a schoolgirl crush on?

WIth their hearts still racing, they turned around to see both of their parents, Lindsey’s brother,  and 3/4 of the neighborhood across the street watching and crying.  The day was like their entire story… Magic.

When asked what they looked forward to the most about their wedding day – they both had the exact same answer.  Lindsey said “seeing him for the 1st time in my white dress and him at the end of the aisle in the church” and hearing the words “I now pronounce you man and wife”, and Greg’s words were “Seeing her walk down the aisle towards me and finally hearing us be announced as husband and wife.”  For the future – after living apart while Lindsey finishes veterinary school – the thing they look forward to the most after the wedding is all the little things that make a marriage.  And eventually, the little things that make a marriage a family.

Lindsey & Greg are planning a wedding for next August.  Enjoy their photos!

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Lindsey Lucas - Karin, I couldn’t be happier. These turned out so gread. I can’t wait to see all the rest of them. We had SO much fun with you and Roger!!!! You guys are AMAZING!!!!!!

Jessica Zobrist - Karin, you are such a great storyteller. I have to check out your blog AND your facebooko page just because I always love the stories! GREAT pics!!!

Amanda Zika - I 2nd Jessica. I love hearing your stories. I can tell you truly cherish each one Starry-Eyed couples and that your entire heart goes into each session and wedding :)I know that first hand because I see your and Roger’s passion for what you do each time I work with you 🙂

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