Lindsey & Aaron {engaged}

Lindsey & Aaron met where every good love story starts – a party… while playing euchre.  Sure, she’d heard about this elusive “Aaron”, he was the one who her friends had been telling her she needed to meet.  The one they said was “perfect for her”.  SO when she put 2 and 2 together that THIS was the Aaron they’d been telling her about – she immediately turned on the charm.

Aaron was perfectly charming while feeling anything but.  Especially after spilling a drink all of Lindsey’s lap, but somehow he still managed to get her number.  And Lindsey remembers a evening of laughs and feeling extremely, unabashedly happy.

On their two year anniversary Aaron took her to a nice restaurant for dinner.  He wanted to pop the question during dinner but the restaurant was loud and crowded.  So they went to where every good engagement story begins… the bar.  The owner of the restaurant was sitting next to them and apparently was feeling chatty.  He talked to them the entire time they sat.  Frustrated, Aaron elected to leave.  On the way to the parking lot, Aaron stopped walking, got down on one knee and asked Lindsey to marry him.  Parking lot or not, Lindsey could not have cared where they were because this would go down in the books as the happiest day of her life.

Lindsey & Aaron look forward to another day filled with happiness this November when they say “I do”.  Enjoy their photos!!

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Jamie D - Great Pictures!! This was such a teaser, I can’t wait to see all of them 🙂 Cutest couple ever!

Carrie K> - Awesome Pics. Cannot wait to see more..I think I shed a tear..Love Them!!

Amber - LOVE the pics!! They are fabulous! Lindsey and Aaron are the cutest!!!

Kellie Doyle - the pictures are awesome:):):)

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