Lindsay & Tyler {married}

Lindsay & Tyler are that sweet young couple, fresh and wide-eyed, happily in love.  They are best friends and while it’s easy to see how in love they are – it’s even more easy to imagine them in love even at 90.  The faces may change and their bodies will age, but the way he makes her smile, or the way he looks at her and you can see how taken he is with her will never fade.  It’s a timeless love that legends are made of, and on 6/16/12 Lindsay walked down the aisle towards her future.  Enjoy the beginning of a Happily Ever After…Lindsay – you are adorable, sweet, and everything a parent would wish their child to be.  You are beyond beautiful!!!And Tyler is just the epitome of southern charm.  Polite, handsome, and loves his momma.  God love ’em.Sweetest, prettiest, most fun bridesmaids right here…HOT.I follow Lindsay on Pinterest, so I had a pretty good idea what her reception would be like – pretty, sweet, and charming just like her!Lindsay had always said she hoped that it rained on her wedding day because of a couple rain shots we’d done in the past.  We were personally relieved that it didn’t rain as that makes for a pretty difficult day.  At the end of the evening when it was almost time for us to leave, I looked outside and saw that it was pouring.  I told Roger to go ahead and grab his poncho and rain gear because I knew we needed to go out in it and make her wish come true.  This was a bit harder rain than what we’d shot in before, so we had to work quickly and efficiently.  Even though there were umbrellas and ponchos involved we were all still soaked.  But Lindsay… it was SO worth it!!!Lindsay & Tyler – all your dreams came true on your wedding day and with a relationship as strong and caring as the two of you have – it will continue throughout time.  We were so fortunate that you chose us and look forward to your friendship throughout time.  (And watching those Pinterest boards change from wedding to family!!)  We adore you both and could not be more happy to see your successful future!!

This post is just the tip of the iceberg of Lindsay & Tyler’s wonderful wedding day!!  Check out this slideshow for more!!

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Amanda Zika - Karin and Roger once again set the bar a little higher for all photographers. Another awesome wedding! I love her dress and the reception looked amazing. Every detail and emotion captured perfectly!

Molly Ayres - I love the photos! they are pretty!

Susan Ayres - Beautiful photos!!

Sarah Hagen - Lindsay,
You, your family, your wedding…EVERYTHING looks beautiful in your pictures. You are going to treasure them forever. Congratulations! Good luck getting your 50 comments 🙂

Jodi Heitzman - Beautiful! Stunning! Amazing! And every word inbetween!! It was great to experience this wonderful day with my close friends but it’s even better to see their special day in pictures!! Congratulations to my dear friend Lindsay and her husband Tyler (weird saying that still!!) Love you!!!

Lindsay - Amazing!! Thank you Karin for the sweet blog and Thank you and Rog both for the amazing photos!! Love you Both!

Marisa - The rain pictures were AMAZING! MY favorite.. I bet it looks amazing in black and white. I see a beautiful canvas in your living room!

Joanna Ray - Karin & Roger, Again another wonderful job well done!!! Congrats Lindsay & Tyler!!!

Brooke booth - These pictures are amazing. The rain photos are my favorite. You do amazing work!

Sue Long - These are great pics. I was impressed that you scouted out areas in Jerseyville to do some special pics. Im so glad that Lindsey chose our bus to haul them around in. I’ve been with quite a few photographers, and you really pulled it all together. I felt that you were her best friend and wanted the best pics for them. I will pass your photography information on to anyone I know that is looking. Im sure in a few years I will be looking to you to capture my own daughters magic moments!

Kari Bettorf - These pictures are amazing, I’ve never seen the flowers I create captured so wonderfully! The fact that Lindsay is gorgeous is a given! And I LoVE the L O V E!

Katie Sievers - These are the most precious pictures ever! Their special day was captured beautifully.

Debra - Awesome photos! Wonderful couple!

Shantell Meuth - All the pictures are amazing!! You guys did such a great job!! Lindsay you look gorgeous!!

Lori Quarton - Lindsay, I hope your wedding pictures were EVERYTHING and MORE that you WANTED.. WE love you and love the pictures… Can’t wait to see the pics of you and Miss Madalyn together! LOVE YOU!!!!! and Kari, the flowers were awesome!!

Ashley Pohlman - All of your photos are AMAZING!! I love how you used so many different features of the church in the pictures and Lindsay, you were beautiful!

Laura Rogers - These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! Tyler and Lindsay make a beautiful couple.

Danielle - Gorgeous pictures! I’m obsessed and so jealous. Lindsay you look gorgeous!

Greg Meuth - Lindsay, thanks so much for allowing us the pleasure of being a part of your special day. Best photos I’ve ever seen. Love you cuz!!

Jennifer Fink - BEAUTIFUL! Love All of them!!! The best I’ve ever seen!!!!

Karla Meuth - Very beautiful Pictures!!♥ Love them all specially the ones in the Rain!!!

Dr. Eric Dixon - These pictures are awesome!! Keep up the good work TenSixteen Photography!

Susan Dixon - Karin and Roger the pictures are amazing. Love all of them. You both are so talented!
I’m so glad you captured all the moments, because I was so busy that day I felt like I didn,t get to see how everything looked.

Kelsie McCoy - These photos are amazing! It looks like a fairy tale wedding :), congrats again Lindsay and Tyler!

Jenna - These pictures are absolutely amazing. I love the rain pictures, but they are all beautiful!

Michael Cory - Brittney and I love the pictures!!! Congrats again you two!!! 🙂

Amanda Mann - Amazing…all of them. Beautiful people make beautiful pictures. the rain photos.

Alex Dixon - These pictures are awesome TenSixteen photography did an awesome job!!

Alex Dixon - These pictures are awesome! TenSixteen did an awesome job!!

Breanna - Every single photo is absolutly beautiful!! Ten sixteen you did an amazing job!

Michael Quarton - Lindsay you were a stunning bride and welcome to the family Tyler…. glad to have you join us!:)

Karyssa - The pictures are all amazing and Lindsay, you look gorgeous! You and Tyler are so great together 🙂

Melissa Vahle - LOVE these pics! The shoes pic and incorporating the ceiling in the church, very creative! Not to mention the rain pic!
Will recommend to anyone who asks!

Karen H. - Love the Beautiful Photo’s. Fun Memories..

Tara - Absolutely in love with these pictures! You guys did SO good!!!!

Rianne Herron - beautiful pictures! so happy for you guys!

Brad Stafford - Excellent photography, You captured moments that every couple dreams of having, Im sure its easy when they look that good together, should use them as advertisement for your studio..good luck Lindsay!

Mel Wittman - These pictures are stunning…they truly captured the love surrounding that day. Fabulous!

Rebecca Bohannon - What amazing pictures — Lindsay, you were a beautiful bride!!!!

Ann Hunter - Pictures were awesome!!!

Rebecca Bohannon - Your pictures were amazing and Lindsay you were a beautiful bride!

Gabby Smith - Congrats you two! The wedding looked amazing, as did y’all 🙂 Best wishes on a happy future together! You two make an awesome couple!

LeeAnn - Absolutely gorgeous. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I think it’s safe to say Lindsay and Tyler made a great decision to change their wedding date for such great photographers!

Meredith Johnston - Your pictures are amazing! You and Tyler could not be any cuter! I love you and loved being a part of your wedding!!

Phoebe Sellers - The pictures are beautiful. Some unique shots. I especially liked the “rainy” ones.

Katie - TenSixteen you did a gorgeous job of showcasing the love between Linds & Tyler!! So happy to be apart of your Special Day!! Love you both!!

nancy loeh - unique photos, loved the rain shots very innovative

Sarah H - These are absolutely gorgeous! What a pretty pretty bride. you look so happy 🙂

Jacqui - Your pictures are absolutely fabulous! They are the reason I want to use TenSixteen for my wedding!

Pat Goetten - Your pictures are amazing. Such great ideas. You made Lindsay and Tyler’s wedding day memories such a joy to look at.

helen c - very nice job, I have never seen anything like this.

Jody Lingow - Awesome Pictures !!!! I hope Lindsay and Tyler have a wonderful life together!!

Marci Mossman - Amazing pictures! There isn’t a bad one. Congrats Lindsay and Tyler!

Amanda Mann - Beautiful poeple make beautiful picuters. They are all so good that I would hate to have to choose.

Jennifer Sandbach - Love the pictures. Great job, very original!!!!

Callie France - These are so gorgeous!

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