Lindsay & Neil {married}

It’s pretty easy to see a couple’s love on their wedding day.  The day is all wrapped up in love, it’s all about love.  Love of a family, love of friends, love of faith, and the reason you are there – love of a couple.  But on the moments in between, the moments when no one is watching, the moments that reflect love the deepest, sometimes you see it and sometimes it’s not as easily found.  On Lindsay & Neil’s day the moments in between were hot.  As in sweltering 107 degree temperatures outside hot.  They took it in stride with smiles on their faces, but by the reception it had all caught up with Lindsay.  There were guests to mingle with, cheers to be had, and much partying to do – but Lindsay sat sick in the walk in cooler of the kitchen area.  And right by her side, patiently helping her was Neil.  He could have mingled, cheers’d, and partied, but instead he provided comfort and strength where it was needed most.  U true testament to the couples character, they got through it together, lifted one another up, and ended up enjoying the rest of the night.  They still mingled, still cheers’d, still partied – and they did it all together.  The theme for the summer may be “hot”, but the theme for the day… was true love.  Enjoy Lindsay & Neil’s wedding day!
As you may know, we don’t do family or children portrait sessions.  And typically, a wedding day is so busy that we don’t have a ton of time to spend with members of the wedding party that are elementary school age and younger, so you’ll understand my surprise when Roger had these images picked out as his favorites for Lindsay & Neil’s blog post.  What a softie!!!  (and what GORGEOUS kiddos!!)
awww snap.  Nice work boys.

To say it was hot would be an understatement.  At this point I could tell Lindsay was getting really hot, and we repeatedly asked her if she was OK or if she’d had enough photos and wanted to quit.  “I only get one chance for this and I want great photos” she told us.  And she put on the biggest smile and did all the work for us.  Tyra Banks would be so proud of you Lindsay!!!

Lindsay & Neil – we are so proud of your love for one another, and so happy to share it with others and with you.  You two are best friends through and through, and we know by watching your day unfold that you’ll get through anything life throws at you because you have one another by your side.  Cheers!!!!

Please check out more of Lindsay and Neil’s day by watching their slideshow!!

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Amanda Zika - Wow! These are gorgeous! I love the decor and everything. And of course you guys captured the day absolutely perfectly. Bravo!

Lindsay Wagahoff - We love the pictures!! They are absolutely amazing and you captured everything perfectly! Thank you for capturing our special day!

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