Lindsay + Justin {wedding story}

It started way back in 8th grade. He caught her eye and she asked around to find out who he was. They went to different middle schools so their paths didn’t cross again until high school. Freshman year, she caught his eye. Lindsay and Justin went their entire time in high school with a major crush on one another.  She knew he liked her, he knew she liked him, but neither took a step towards doing anything about it. The timing just wasn’t right for them in high school, and as they say – timing is everything.
She went off to college and he stayed in their hometown. But 7 years later they saw each other at a wedding and  couldn’t take their eyes off one another. That same chemistry and spark from high school was still there. Again though, timing seemed wrong because he was seeing someone. After that night he thought long and hard about her, even talked to his sisters about how he felt, and decided that after “waiting 10+ years”  it was time to see if anything was there or not. A few weeks later, Justin made up a random reason to message Lindsay on Facebook.  They talked back and forth for a couple weeks and finally decided to meet up to talk, catch up, and see if this ongoing crush was the real thing or not.
It took 10 minutes (if that) of talking and being with one other before they both knew it this was it. They haven’t looked back since and have been inseparable.  Timing was finally on their sides.
Justin knew it was time to make Lindsay his wife.  He and his dad were in the middle of renovating one of their farmhouses that would eventually be Justin’s house. Justin wanted it to be he and Lindsay’s first home.  On December 16, 2016 Justin picked up Lindsay to take her to the farmhouse to show her all the progress he had made. It was pretty much down to the studs at this point, but when she walked into the house it was pitch black except for the soft glow coming from a Christmas tree in what would someday be their living room. She walked through and spotted a clear ornament on the tree with a ring hanging from a string. Justin got down on one knee and “happily ever Heitzig” began. As they look through their wedding album someday they will literally be sitting in that exact same living room that Justin proposed in their first home together!

We knew this day was going to be special, but we had no idea it would be this gorgeous!  The weather was absolutely perfect, the sun was shining, and their was a palpable joy in the air.
Enjoy every bit of Lindsay and Justin’s wedding day!
tensixteen075This pillow was originally from Justin’s parents wedding day and has been passed down to each of their kids.  So beautiful!tensixteen076tensixteen077Seriously Lindsay – you are such a knock out.  You are truly just as beautiful as they come – inside and out! <3tensixteen_2535We had never had the opportunity to meet Justin before, and we instantly knew why Lindsay was crazy about him.
tensixteen079tensixteen082tensixteen083There sure have been a lot of cute kids in weddings we’ve done this year!!  tensixteen_2537tensixteen081tensixteen084tensixteen085tensixteen086tensixteen087tensixteen088tensixteen089tensixteen_2536tensixteen091Is Lindsay’s dress stunning or what!?!  So perfectly her!
tensixteen093tensixteen_2538We found this old shed with the MOST amazing light!!  Having not done an engagement session with these cuties, I think Justin was a little bit worried when we pointed out this area for photos.  A garbage dumpster can be a good place to photograph if it has great quality light!  Whatever makes the couple look their best is the best spot, and this certainly was it!tensixteen094tensixteen096tensixteen097tensixteen_2539tensixteen098tensixteen_2540I don’t even know what to say about these boys.  This was their vision, so we went with it.  Sometimes ya just gotta let the groomsmen be themselves lol.tensixteen100These ladies however – now they knew how to work it.  I love that Lindsay not only let them choose their own dress from a variety of tones, but that she chose the sweetest girls to support her on her wedding day.  They were amazing!tensixteen101tensixteen102tensixteen103tensixteen104tensixteen105tensixteen106tensixteen107tensixteen108tensixteen109Lindsay and Justin were super sweet together all day, but watching them during their first dance was like truly seeing them in their element.  Laughing together, lost in the moment, and as if only they existed.  tensixteen110tensixteen111Lindsay and Justin had some great examples in life on how to be great people.tensixteen112tensixteen113

Lindsay and Justin – it was an absolute honor to be chosen to be the photographers for your wedding day.  I’ve followed Lindsay on Instagram for the past couple years, and when Justin started showing up on her photos I knew this was special instantly.  You could see in the way he looked at her, and the way she smiled in his arms that this was the one.  It was as clear as day.  From the moment we knew you were engaged we absolutely hoped that we would hear from you.  When you did contact about your day, and shared with us about this amazing man you’d met Lindsay it was so apparent that this was the man you deserved and had been waiting for.  We are so thrilled for you to have found one another and that you can find your home in one another’s arms.  Incredibly happy for you!  <3

We know you want to see more of this day, so check out the beautiful slideshow below!

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Megan - Every single photo is a absolutely gorgeous! So fun to remember that day!

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