Linda & Josh {engaged}

His sister told him practically every day that she had the perfect girl for him.  “Fine, just give her my number” Josh finally said.  Nothing happened.  Linda was not going to make the first move, so she gave her number to him instead.  And on a whim, Josh sent a text to Linda.  They talked for a couple weeks – talking all night long about their love of farming, tractors, and cows.  When it was time for their first date, he nervously brought her a pizza and took her to a rodeo.  Maybe it’s not every girl’s perfect date, but for Linda – it was.  She knew she had met her life partner.  And with the way she smiled at him and listened to him talk – he knew this was something special.  They both walked away knowing they’d found their soulmate.

Down the road on the anniversary of that night, Josh decided to take Linda out on the date of her lifetime.  After a evening at the Four Season in St.Louis, he took her to Our Lady of the Snows shrine to see the lights and the Christmas trees.  After a long wait to get in, she started to give up on the idea to which Josh insisted that they were still going to make it work.  They finally were able to make it to the trees, and they walked amongst them hand in hand.  “Look” he said “there is a cow on that one!”  There amongst the trees was this little cow ornament.  Upon getting a closer look, the ornament said the words “Turn Me Over”.  Josh encouraged her to do it, but she insisted that you aren’t supposed to touch the trees.  He insisted she try it, and after looking around to make sure no one was looking she turned it over.  “Turn Around” it said.  Shocked, she did and then to even more surprise there was Josh on one knee.  “Will you marry me?” he asked and at that very moment a little boy walking by tripped over Josh’s leg.  Both Linda and Josh were laughing and Linda feeling self conscious was a little embarrassed and asked him to stand back up.  “Well??” he asked.  And with all the excitement that a person can have she said “Yes!”
Josh & Linda are planning a winter wedding for 2014.  We had such a great time with this fun, sweet couple on their engagement session!! At the end, Linda let us know it was her Birthday.  We were so honored that she chose her birthday to do her engagement session!!  Enjoy a preview of some of the photos of this adorable couple!!
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Linda - Thank you so much!! We had such a great day with you both! It was so much fun and we can’t thank you enough for how much we love our photos!! I love how they turned out and I can’t wait to see the rest of them!!

Alyssa - Fabulous photos and such a terrific story! I’m so happy for you Linda!

Angel - This is such a truly amazing story!

Love the pictures!!

Trisha Juenger - I’m so happy that I’m the awesome sister that hooked this wonderful couple up. The pictures are so pretty and fun, it really shows your guys is personalities and interests. I love you both! And wonderful job photographer!!!

Cheryl - Love the pictures, can’t wait to see the rest of them.
Luv you both.

Rachael - Such pretty scenery! Hopefully winter will cooperate so you can have outside wedding pictures as pretty as these.

Tracy Diekemper - These pictures are amazing!! I am very happy for Linda and Josh and I cant wait for the special day!

Kelsey - Beautiful pictures! These two are a great couple! I am so excited for their big day!!! Congratulations to you both!

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