Leisha & George {Wedding Day}

I gotta be honest, somehow we have managed to get the CUTEST clients.  Truly, they are all sweet and adorable, and I somehow manage to fall in love with all of them.  I know some people ask if I am lying about how much I like these people or if the brides and grooms are really as great as I pump them up to be.  It’s not a facade peeps.  The stories I tell are not fabricated… we are just blessed with great people.  So just when you thought that there was no way we could keep showing these amazingly cute couples… we bring you Leisha and George and their awesome wedding day!


Leisha shows how graceful a bride can be getting dressed.  Sorry girl – I love this shot!


Sometimes I write mental letters to people.  For example – the Dish Network people just recently tacked on a fee because we don’t have a phone line.  I wrote them a mental letter that started out “Dear Dish Network” and from there on I cannot repeat what I said.  Here’s a mental letter I just wrote to Leisha.  Dear Leisha, I’m jealous of your beauty.  You are way hot and looked AMAZING on your wedding day.  Sincerely, Karin Doolin


Dear George, You are too damn cute.  Your momma must be really proud of her handsome son.  Way to work it out.  Yours Truly, Karin Doolin


If you weren’t getting annoyed with my mental letters I would tell you the one I mentally wrote to the awesome florist that did these amazing flowers, but I think you get the point.


I have a problem.  (OK – besides the fact that I write mental letters)  I love to photograph in the trashiest places.  I think I really amaze people when I take them to a run down alley with empty beer bottles and graffiti and say “Oh my heavens – THIS is going to be off the hook!”  Like maybe for some people a immaculate garden, or a pristine landscape does it for them.  Me?  This alley here… speaks to me.


So before I take some lucky young couple into the face of danger – whether it be an alley way, a street filled with traffic, or a wheat field that could possibly be laden with chiggers – I assure them that when it comes to photos – the risk  will ALWAYS  be worth the reward – or as I like to say… the juice will be worth the squeeze.  (PS – this is the case with PHOTOS, I am in no way advocating taking these risks otherwise)


OK, this is therapeutic for me.  I have another problem.  I call it “tunnel vision”.  Because I am in fact obsessed with tunnels.  Specifically the tunnel below.  The graffiti, the over grown ivy (OK, maybe it’s weeds), the overall mess of the whole thing.  MMM.  Takes me to my happy place.


The hot pink/tropical theme spilled over into the reception and was absolutely gorgeous!


Leisha and George – you two warm my heart.  Roger, Dawn, and I had such a fantastic time working with you all and enjoyed capturing your wonderful day!  Thank you for trusting me enough to let me take you to the bus station, the run down alley, and the dirty bike trail on your wedding day.  The juice was TOTALLY worth the squeeze!  Congrats!

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KLott - Once again, you did an amazing job. Also, I have thought that I am the funniest person in the whole wide world, but I think that you MIGHT be funnier than I am..who knows maybe we could take our show on the road some day! P.S. Harrison in 8 months old today. Only 4 months until he is a year old. Get your camera ready!

clary - You know I love that alley:):) It seriously has some amazing light and you worked it so well. For the record…those flowers are amazing!

Amanda Zika - Girl, you rocked this one!!!! LOVE IT! LOL! I know where those locations are. Have used them once or twice too and the people thought I was nuts!!!! The looks I got were incredible but the photos were well, well worth it. I will not post where they are in case an intruder reads this. ha, ha

That bride is seriously gorgeous! I love the shots of the ceremony too. That angle look amazing!

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