Lauren & Mark {Wedding Day}

ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with the stationary provided by Jessica Jensen!!

and fall arangements by Grimm & Gorly

and these hottie shoes…

And I know it maybe a little over the top at this point with the LIKES, but Lauren’s dress was one of my favorites!  It had a collar.  How cool is a wedding dress with a collar?  Seriously.  Cool. 

OK – just one more… Mark’s tie.  So cool.

Lauren – your smile lights up your face and you were STUNNING on your wedding day!!


And Mark – you handsome little devil.  Woking it out for real!!

Way. Too. Sexy.

If you know Lauren you’d know that she’s a bit Type A.  I’m not saying anything that she hasn’t mentioned herself, and those who know her I guarantee are shaking their heads yes in agreement.  She likes things orderly and well planned, and likes to be in control of the situation.  The reason I mention this is not to discuss the traits of Type A personalities, but to show how sometimes life has a way of giving us exactly what we need.  Lauren met Mark during a very chaotic time and fell in love haphazardly.  I’d be willing to say her greatest gifts in life have been the ones unplanned and unforeseen.  So when Lauren & Mark found out they were expecting halfway into their engagement, it likely knocked this orderly gal for a loop!  But even though she may not have planned to be planning a wedding AND for a baby at the same time, she did it with flying colors and looked even more beautiful when looking at her daughter.  Mark couldn’t have his little girl more wrapped around his finger, and it was visible how lucky he felt to have both his girls by his side!  Life is beautiful.

Small, fun wedding parties are where it’s at!

BOOM!  There it is!  Fall gorgeousness.  We LOVE this shot!

Lauren & Mark – your day was gorgeous and filled with love, and you both married the person that completes you.  You already were a family, and now you are husband and wife.  We’d call that a success.  Here is too a lifetime more of love, success, and all the blessings that are unexpected and unplanned!!  XOXO

Be sure to watch their slideshow for more of their beautiful day!!


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Jessica Jensen - Thanks for the shout out Roger and Karin!! Your photos are absolutely stunning. That last shot of Lauren and Mark is to die for!

Mallory Armour - Lauren & Mark, The pictures are beautiful! Lauren, you made such a gorgeous bride!

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