Lauren & Coty {married}

Lauren & Coty are this adorable couple that are as fun as they are cute.  They have this cool essence of living and embracing city life and St.Louis, while honoring their roots of small town Illinois.  The love their families, their friends, and their life and are in one word – vibrant.  Their spirit, their love, and their character are that of fun and laughter.  And on May 4th, they began their happily ever after… enjoy Lauren & Coty’s wedding.  If you have the desire to have children, this blog post is going to inspire you.  Their is some truly adorable shots of kids, so your heart may actually melt.  You’ve been warned.I am telling you, both of these two were BORN to dress this way.  It suits them perfectly.  So so lovely.Not everyone can forget that photographers are in the room during a first glance.  We always try to encourage people to forget we are there an be IN the moment.  Coty and Lauren were IN the moment, and I believe we actually had to remind them we were there!!HAPPY.Although we had plenty of city locations planned, Lauren & Coty’s one request was to get a few shots at her parent’s farm.  Her dad was truly amazed at how excited Roger and I were by the spots he would consider uninviting.  Thank goodness Lauren and Coty had some faith in us, because the light in these spots were perfection, and show their down home country side.Lauren totally played it up perfectly for the camera on her wedding day, and what I would call WORKED IT H to T (head to toe for those of you who don’t like ANTM).  Take a lesson from Lauren and let your inhibitions go in front of the camera.  Aint nobody mad atcha for feeling like and acting like a rock star on your wedding day!!  OWWWW.  Work it out Coty!!  You are a supermodel yourself!!

BOOM – just a little stairwell magic for ya!!

Lauren & Coty met while working at the Arch, so in honor of that their other request was to get photos at the arch and surrounding because it was personal and special to them.  The couple love St.Louis and incorporated it perfectly into their day.
LOVED this photo Roger took so much we decided to put it on our wall!!  It makes me laugh every time I see it.  Lauren and Coty’s group of friends are definitely more fun than most people could handle!Each couple had something hysterical planned as they were announced into the reception and no one managed to get hurt!
Lauren’s dad created this incredible St.Louis skyline background for their head table.  Seriously – how cool is that!?!

Lauren & Coty – on the way to your wedding I was filled with tons of emotions.  I was angry with mother nature because I was sure she was going to hand us another lousy day of weather.  It was May 4th and I had a winter coat on and 3 umbrellas packed.  I mean come ON!!  I was anxious because my son was going to his senior prom that day and I worried about mom things like “Will he brush his teeth?,  Will he know how to put on his tux correctly?, Will he hold the car door open for his date?  Will he remember deodorant”  You know – typical mom stuff.  Roger had different feelings – like annoyed because of my worries and fierce complaints about Mother Nature.  And he was feeling hungry, but that’s a entirely different story.  My point… (you knew I’d bring it full circle at some point, right?)  The moment I walked into the church you two would be married in, that all melted away.  Nothing. Else. Mattered.  You reminded me of that.  In a profession where usually we are the ones reassuring people and helping people focus on the important part, YOU reminded me that love is really all that matters and the rest has a way of working out.  And worked out it did!!  The skies parted and gave us the perfect weather, everything went flawlessly and everyone was so cooperative and kind, Roger got a snack, and I got a text with a photo of my son at prom and he looked happy and clean.  A blue ribbon day!!

Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your day, and thank you for letting us be a part of your memories.

For a few more memories and cuteness – check out this slideshow for more!!!


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Jessica - Wow! This gave me chills and made me cry, beautiful work!

Janice - Beautiful memories of my beautiful little girl!

Diane Schaefer - Very Sweet!!!!

Janice - Beautiful memories of my beautiful little girls special day

Dorothy - WOW! that was great. Exceptional pics

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