Lauren & Coty {engaged}

They both worked at the Arch, and he was crossing her path way more than what could be considered “coincidental”.  After years of casual conversations, innocent flirting, and an overwhelming chemistry Coty finally asked Lauren out in 2008; ask Coty for the story, and he’ll say he begged her to go out with him for years.  For their actual first date, they met in Soulard at the Blues CityDeli for lunch. Because they had known one another for years, the transition from friend to significant other was actually quite seamless. It was just easy, no other way to describe it. They continued dating for around 3 and a half years before that night in December when they became something more….

They had a thing for photo booths. Any chance on vacation and every time they went to visit his family in Branson, they took a picture in a photo booth.  When Coty asked Lauren to go look at a photo booth vendor for his friend’s upcoming wedding, she thought nothing of it.   They arrived at the City Museum, hopped in the photo booth and about three pictures in, Coty pulled out the most beautiful ring and asked Lauren to marry him…all caught on camera!!!!   “It’s perfect” she exclaimed, and then said yes.  (Lauren was thoughtful enough to share the photos of that moment!  Let’s face it – the story just isn’t complete without it!!)


One of the first thoughts that she’d wondered is if he’d asked her parents permission – figuring there was no way he’d been able to slip that one past her.  Coty had indeed managed to ask her parents without Lauren knowing, but that’s not the only thing he had up his sleeve!  He’d asked Lauren not to announce the engagement until after they had a nice dinner just the two of them, but when they walked in the Dubliner Lauren was shocked to see her friends and family there to celebrate their engagement!!  It was by far the most loving, and exciting moment of Lauren’s life.

With the majority of their most memorable and exciting moments taking place in St.Louis, and with Soulard not only being the place where they fell in love, but the place where they will be starting their lives together – what better place to do their engagement session!?!  Enjoy a few shots for Lauren & Coty’s session and keep an eye out for their wedding images next summer!!

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Jessica Wachtel - Oh. my. goodness.!!! LOVE these pictures. My little sister is soooooo grown up and happy. Love how you captured them together, what a perfect pair!

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