Lauren & Brad {wedding story}

Lauren and Brad have the sweetest little love you ever did see.  Tender and caring, they each are blissful when the other is near.  Brad is thoughtful and genuine and loves Lauren with every ounce of his being.  And Lauren is considerate, pleasant, and downright sweet.  Brad is clearly the love of her life.  The each complete one another so sweetly, that you can’t imagine them apart.  True soul mates.  The way these two are together is inspiring.  Not only are they incredible partners, they are equally as spectacular to friends and family.  Brother, sister, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, friend… these two love every relationship whole heartedly.  It’s inspiring to see two people who give everyone their entire hearts, and still make room for one another.  Enjoy Lauren and Brad’s beautiful wedding day.


LB001LB002LB003We photographed this little guy’s parent’s wedding back in the day!  We always knew they’d be wonderful baby makers… we were obviously right!LB004LB005Lauren, you are incredibly beautiful inside and out!!!  You were so stunning on your wedding day!LB006

Brad, it’s no wonder why everyone adores you so much!!


This kid though…


A fall wedding is wonderful for so many reasons, but one of the best is that yummy, soft, golden light.  It is at it’s peak and guarantees the most beautifully romantic images!


As much as Lauren & Brad’s love was the focus of the day, this one stole the show that night.  He was the life of the party!!  (And if you see a man in a bridesmaid dress in the background our eyes aren’t deceiving you.  That’s not an ugly bridesmaid – that really happened.)


I’m not gonna act like I don’t love this ring photo.  Because I find it lovely.


Lauren & Brad, thank you for choosing us to capture your day and your love!!  We are so thrilled that you have found one another, and excited to see your love grow throughout the years!!!  Enjoy every moment of your happily ever after!!

Check out more of Lauren & Brad’s day in the video below!!

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