Last night – while celebrating our Nation’s Birthday – we watched an amazing fireworks display. Nothing really says God Bless America like pyrotechnics, BBQ, and beer.  The geniuses that threw the party also bought Chinese fire lanterns.  A small town near Taiwan celebrates the Chineese New Year and ignite these lanterns with their wishes written on them and then launch them into the sky in the hopes their wish will come true.  I’ve seen images of this event in some photography magazines, but never in person. And of all nights… we didn’t have our camera. But yay for the Iphone and Roger for some – not so professional – video.

The following photos were taken off the net – not taken by us.  They are photos from the Lantern Festival in Pingxi Taiwan.

So I know – as with many of our posts – your wondering what in the hell the point is?  I always have one even though I take a round about way of getting there.  The Point: My prediction and suggestion is that this will be the next big “thing” for weddings.  If you are having a night wedding and you want something cool when you exit the church – or if you are having an outdoor wedding and you want something awesome to do after night falls – maybe during your first dance… how cool would this be???  In tradition I think it would be neat for your guest to write their wish for you and then launch it into the sky.

Now – the practical view from “the hubs” Roger: the night has to be right for this to work.  You need the right temps and the right wind.  And you will have people driving in their cars or looking out their windows freaking out calling 911 about UFOs because if you’ve never seen these – it’s crazy looking as they continue off into the sky, so be prepared to make the news.

You can find these for sale online.  Just search “fling paper sky lanterns” and you will find many places that you can purchase them.  I promise you if you incorporate this into your event – it will be remembered.

Happy Monday!!

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