Lacey & Phillip {Engaged}

I know this will come as a shock and downright blasphemy to some of you ladies – but some guys… hate to be photographed.  I know what you’re thinking girls – that it’s just wiggida wack to not love having your photo taken, but I promise you – some guys would rather have a root canal.  Don’t believe me?  Ask Phillip here.  He was dreading this session.  He’s a man’s man that Phillip.  Works long hours, works hard, wears boots, probably doesn’t eat things like tofu or hummus even.  Men like this – don’t enjoy photos.  However – he does enjoy his fiance Lacey, and who could blame him?  She’s as sweet as the day is long and can’t wait to marry her hard working manly man.  So she finally talked him into a session one beautiful Sunday, and I need to tell you a secret… even though Phillip didn’t like having his photo taken – he TOTALLY rocked it!


Lacey – you are nothing short of breathtaking in this shot.  Note to self – Lacey is an expert on how to do a romantic/serious face.  So expressive and dare I say… smokin hot!


Phillip – thank God Roger was there to distract you with man talk because you didn’t even notice that you have an model within yearning to come out!  And Lacey – your inner model is already in tact and fabulous!  We cannot wait for your wedding day to arrive!  Thanks for being such super models!

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Amanda Zika - What a cute couple! I think I have more guys hate getting their picture taken than I have that don’t mind it! It must be a guy thing. LOL! Hello couple! I am the photographer you guys saw there that day! ha, ha
Great job once again Karin!

Lacey - Awe, your so sweet. We had a lot of fun that day. Roger and Phillip really had a lot to talk about, which definitely helped. The pictures look awesome. I can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks for everything!

T Bran - Second shot is my total FAV – but you rocked on them all…treasures for them to have forever and ever and ever…..

clary - Love the images and locations!!:)

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