Kristin & Darren {Wedding Day}

Their love isn’t simple.  It’s deep, it”s persistent, it’s appreciative.  It’s real.  And it’s easy to see how true this is by spending 5 minutes with this couple.  Wether they are together and he’s watching her, smiling at her, loving her with just a glance.  Or wether they are separated and she’s dreaming of him, yearning to see him, loving him with every thought.  And this day, their love becomes more solidified than ever.  When they became a family, a home, fused together for life.  Enjoy Kristin and Darren’s wedding day!

Kristen, you have such a timeless, innocent, pure beauty!!  I’m pretty sure if you look up beautiful in the dictionary it says “see photo” and shows this image of you!

Darren – you are so incredibly charming and genuine.  I know your momma is proud to call you her son, Payton is SO proud to call you her daddy, and Kristin is so proud to call you her husband.  You are so many things to so many people – and you are a great example of how to be all of them! 

Payton is Darren’s daughter, and a HUGE part of their wedding day.  Kristin truly loves her as she was her own, and watching the love these 3 have is inspiring.

Payton didn’t want to not be by her daddy’s side, so they made her a seat at the altar for the ceremony.  It’s an amazing thing watching a couple become one, but even more incredible to watch them become a family.

Kristin and Darren 100% left the decision of where to do photos up to us.  When we pulled up to this abandoned homestead, we may have made them question that decision.  It didn’t look like your typical spot you would associate with beauty.  But Kristin’s new sister in law – and a former bride of ours – assured us that “had anyone else taken them to this abandoned farm she would have questioned it, but since it was us she had no doubt.”  Amber – we hope we proved you right!!

Payton gave the most sweet, wonderful, tear jerking, smile inducing toast and completely stole the show!!  Kristin & Darren, Roger and I have so much respect and admiration for you both.  We are so proud to have been a part of your day, and know that these moments will be cherished for a lifetime.  When your grandchildren look at these memories of your wedding day, your love is so tangible, visible, and obvious that they will know exactly how love should look.  You provide Payton with the perfect example of love and family, and you are all so blessed to have the magical affection that you have, show, and demonstrate.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness!!

Be sure to check out more of Kristin & Darren’s day!  And you may want to grab a tissue!



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Amanda Zika - Oh man! I love this and have tears. I think they win cutest couple of 2012! Love all of the photos. I think each and every wedding you do just brings a ton of emotion!

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