Kristen & Dan {Wedding Day}

He called her phone.  He was on his way, but he was running late and had no idea how to get to the hotel.  Most brides would have had a meltdown, but Kristen calmly told Dan it was O.K. and gave him step by step instructions on how to get to the hotel.  “I love you.” she said as she hung up.  It’s just that simple.  It’s the concept that their relationship is built on – nothing in the world matters besides their love.  It’s not over the top mushy, it’s not a romance novel.  It’s guiding the other one through life with a hand on their back, steadying one another so neither falls.  It’s devotion, and patience, and LOVE.

Enjoy Kristen & Dan’s wedding day.
We’d worked with Amanda before at Emma & Chad’s wedding.  As you remember I gushed about Emma’s wonderful skin – which she does have – but I must mention that Emma’s skin and Kristen’s skin were both AMAZINGLY flawless due to Amanda’s ability to do makeup artistry like nothing I’ve ever seen.  I tried to convince her to come live with us and do my makeup every day, but much to my dismay she never moved in.  For brides looking for flawless makeup that lasts all day and makes you look like a supermodel… contact Amanda.Kristen is the first bride I’ve ever heard say “I can’t wait to put jeans back on” after putting on a wedding gown.  I think I let out a gasp and a “QUIT IT!” and maybe offered to let her wear my work pants and I wear the dress – but the fact of the matter is that Kristen is A. Laid back and not frilly and doesn’t enjoy getting dressed up as much as others and B. Has NO idea how gorgeous she is.  Kristen – if I looked like that in that dress I would wear it to go grocery shopping.Dan was a little uneasy in front of the camera at their engagement session.  By the end he was feeling much better about it, and by the wedding day – he had enough ease to make Tyra Banks jealous.  Dan – way to rock it.I am speechless looking at Kristen’s images.  I just find myself saying “Damn that’s pretty”.  Kristen – you are a knock out.Dear Little Boy, I love you.I think this shot Roger took is my favorite… although it’s SO hard to choose!
One of the downfalls of late November is the sky can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  We may have had a pretty overcast day – but with a gorgeous couple in front of it – who notices?  “It’s guiding the other one through life with a hand on their back, steadying one another so neither falls.”So, back to what I was saying about November skies and being your best friend or worst enemy…

Roger was loading up the gear to head to the reception and I was finishing up some group shots.  He comes in from the car and says to me – “Grab Kristen and Dan – we have to go outside NOW.  I said O.K. and was messing around with something and he impatiently hovers over me and says “This opportunity is going to be gone within 5 minutes – Let’s GO!”  He opened the door for me and there it was…My B.F.F.  3 things to mention that Kristen and Dan did at their reception that I would love to encourage everyone to do at their wedding or event…

Uplighting.  You can change the entire dynamic of a room with  colored up lights around the perimeter.  Look at how the colors of the day are incorporated to add dramatic ambiance to the room.  You can rent these lights with coordinating colors at A1 Party Rental in Collinsville.Candy Buffet.  Duh city.Instead of opting for a photo booth, Kristen and Dan did something very fun and creative by hiring a Caricature Artist.  Share did an amazing job of creating a fun keepsake for all the guests to take home and the entire concept was SO fun and unique!

Kristen & Dan – Roger and I enjoyed your wedding day and getting to know you both!  We hope you rocked it on the slopes in Colorado for your honeymoon, and hope for endless amounts of happiness for the rest of your days.


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Mom - As the tears roll down my eyes….. my heart is filled with joy and love for you both.These photo’s of you both…captures the true natural love you have for each other
Kristen are the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen…….and I am so happy that you are in my son’s life….forever. Dan..In my memories….I can still see the little boy you once was…….but in these photo’s….I see the handsome man you have become and you are truly blessed with a special Best Friend…. who is now your beautiful wife.

Kristen & Dan - AMAZING!!! We are blown away by the work that you do. You captured every moment perfectly. Roger, thank you for spotting that awesome sky at sunset. I think those are my favorite. Karin, while I did feel beautiful on our wedding day – I would still trade you my dress for your work pants any day! Ask my mom, I don’t like dresses, never have 😉 We wish you both the best this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Dawn Devall - Dang it Karin! Everytime, you always make me choke up when I read these things. The sunset gave me goosebumps!!!!

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