Kolina & Zach {Wedding Day}

WARNING – You will not go away from this post without loving this couple.  Be prepared.

It was the first day of the new year.  1/1/11.  We headed up to Quincy IL for Kolina & Zach’s wedding.  We are friends on Facebook – but further than that – we’d never met.  They were one of those couples that booked us based on our work online and a phone call.  Even though we’d never had the opportunity to meet, I already knew I’d like them.  We had several phone conversations and chats through Facebook, and I watched throughout the year as Zach would leave Kolina sweet little messages like “Have I told you lately how crazy about you I am?  If you’re willing, I’ll just use the next 60 or 70 years to show you rather than tell you.”  and “Only 100 more days until you’re my wife, aka Mrs. Baucom :)…are you ready?”  So yeah, I loved watching their love on the internet.  I loved seeing their adorable faces on their photos.  And I loved listening to them tell me about  a day that they couldn’t wait for – as well as the life that would come after it.

Welcome to Kolina & Zach’s wedding Day!  Are you ready?

It was freezing cold when we walked into the warm, welcoming cabin where Kolina and her bridesmaids were getting ready.  And in 2.25 seconds of meeting her – I loved her.  I saw why Zach left her those messages and was so smitten with her.  She’s gorgeous, she’s caring, and she encompasses every positive characteristic that every parent would wish for their child.  And you see this about her – in 2.25 seconds.

And then there’s Zach.  Kolina’s soul’s recognition of its counterpoint.  (Yes, I stole that from Wedding Crashers.)  He smiles and the room lights up.  He is endearing, charming, and amazing.  And you see this in him in 2.25 seconds as well.
These two are each beautiful – but together they are magnificent.  There is nothing more beautiful than love.As I was walking backwards taking photos of Kolina and her dad walking down the aisle I watched the tears fall gently down her cheeks, the comfort her dad gave as he escorted her down the asile, and the strength he showed as he gave her away… and I cried.  It’s been a long time since a moment like that has taken my breath away the way it did that day.  What can I say – there is just something special about these two and their families.You aren’t seeing things… this church was standing room only.  They had to bring in more chairs and fill every empty space.  Apparently we aren’t the only ones taken with this couple!After the ceremony we went to an amazing castle in Quincy.  Perfect for a real life fairytale!The peacock theme the couple incorporated into the day was so unique and classy.  The colors were so warm and inviting – just like the couple.The next 3 images were our favorite of the day, and some of our favorites of all time.  As if the day couldn’t get any better – we ended it with these…

Kolina & Zach – We wish we’d had more time with you than just your wedding day.  You inspire both of us to be better people, to see life’s setbacks as minor hurdles that can be conquered together, and to treat one another and the people around us with the kindheartedness that you demonstrate so effortlessly.  You both are who we aspire to be.  You are such a wonderful example to other young couples on what true love is.  We know your love will only continue to strengthen and grow as you walk hand in hand through the journey of life together, and we wish you all the happiness and blessings in the world!

I’m sure you can’t get enough of these two, so enjoy more photos in this SUPER cute video!


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Victoria - This is by far the best wedding video I have ever seen. You truly captured the love that these two share and allow everyone to see it shine through. I wish you the best each and every day and know that your love will continue to grow.

Amanda Zika - This may be one of my favorite SES wedding ever!!!! I want to go to that castle!

admin - You would love it Amanda! I wish we could have gone during the daylight, but it was unfortunately dark when we got there. Not enough light hours in the winter!!

Lisa Norris - Great photoes and video

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