Kimberly & Nathan’s New Year’s Eve Wedding

If there were only one word to describe both Kimberly and Nathan – it would be kind.  Kindness takes extra time to send a hand written thank you.  Kindness is telling someone you are so thankful they are part of their wedding day.  And kindness puts the other person before your own needs – when THEIR desires become your desires because you simply love the person that much – even if that means being the only guy at a salon while your fiance has her make up trial and calmly waiting and keeping her company.  Kimberly is kind with her words.  She never forgets a compliment or to let you know how important you are to her.  Nathan is more reserved with his words, but his kindness is so abundant in his actions.  I imagine that Kimberly and Nathan were made to find each other.  No one person could ever be a better match than the one they found in one another.

There was no better day to get married surrounded by friends, and family, and joy, and hope – than December 31st 2009 – and no place we or anyone else that attended would rather be!



My husband has a crush on a girl named Layla.  If you remember from the summer I found about about this crush and while it may have been tough – competing for my husbands affection – on this day I let it slide.  I mean – she’s so stinkin cute – how can I blame him!


Kimberly – you are so amazingly gorgeous there are no words.


And Nathan – while you are unaware of it – you are so so handsome.


Talk.  About.  It.


First Glance thanks to the help of our wonderful assistant.  (When your usual assistants have other things to do on New Year’s Eve – you can always count on your momma to help.  And she will love to tell you that I got my talents from her and that these pics are proof – you watch)





I think this is one of the prettiest photos ever.




Workin it out fellas.  Workin it out.




The reception venue looked AMAZING with much thanks to Ghillaine from Weck Events.  She works her bootie off to make sure the day is flawless – and that’s exactly what it was!



I loved these shots of Kimberly and her dad during his speech.  It makes me tear up just thinking about the kind words that he had to say about his little girl.


This shot was a special request – it’s a oldie but goodie.  At our bridal show recently we had all sorts of new photos displayed and recent work – and one shot that was old just like this one of Kim and Nathan.  We got more comments on that photo than any other.  It’s funny how sometimes going back to the basics can create a moment that just reaches in and grabs you.  I feel like if there were only one photo to tell the story of Kimberly and Nathan’s day, this would be it.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know it feels like I’m over doing it here on this sequence of photos, but I love that Kim’s parents are kissing right behind them and just like the bride and groom – it’s as if no one else is around.


I know exactly how she feels.




“My Heart is ravisht with delight, when thee I think upon;
All Grief and Sorrow takes the flight, and speedily is gone;
The bright resemblance of thy Face, so fills this, Heart of mine;
That Force nor Fate can me displease,
for Auld Lang Syne.”

223You’ll want to see the slideshow of this event and I challenge you not to cry!


Thank you Kimberly & Nathan for sharing your wedding day, your New Year, and your kindness with us.  We will never forget ringing in 2010 with you – there is nowhere on Earth that we would have rather been!


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Dondi Lechner - Another amazing job Roger and Karin! What a fun and beautiful wedding! Love the sparklers at the church! Great job guys!

Dawn Devall - What a fun day:) I love the one of them kissing and mom and dad are too behind them! Too cute:)

Amanda Zika - Aww 🙂 They are a sweet couple. Your right, she is stunning. I wish them the best.

P.S. As always you guys were flawless and captured every moment!

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