Kim & David {Wedding Day}

Roger met David before I did.  Back in 2007 we sometimes did weddings separately.  On this instance Roger was videoing a wedding and I was photographing a totally separate one.  He shared a portion of the footage with me the next week, of a groomsman jumping up in the air and splitting his tux pants.  Completely split them in two.  And then there was the footage of him post pants split spinning on a pole in the trolley just in his boxers.  That is what I knew of David Padgett.  So when I met with Kim and David about their wedding day the story somehow came up and all of a sudden I realized THIS was THAT guy.  I knew immediately we HAD to get this wedding.  And as fate would have it – we did!

David managed to keep his pants in tact that day, but there were still plenty of moments that did not disappoint.  Enjoy Kim & David’s day!
There were beautiful moments…(REAAALLY beautiful moments!)moments you can’t quite explain…moments of tears…moments of love…moments of faith…and of joy…Interesting and unique moments… (Tess – I saved you!)
moments of laughter… (lots of those moments)moments that remind you where you come from… (even if it is the most dangerous city in the U.S.)moments of friendship…
moments that make you feel small… (this particular “moment” is one of my favorites!)moments of glee…moments inspired by the Nelly video… (I’m from the Lou and I’m proud)moments that take…your breath…away.Moments that took alot of time and thought…moments that were “them”…and “them”…moments that were unforgettable… (I would LOVE to show up in that hat this Thanksgiving.  SO jealous!)moments that started well behaved and ended up unruly…and moments immersed in the arms of the person who will hold you and protect you until the end of time.

Congratulations to two amazingly fun, loving, joyful, kind, and charming people.  We couldn’t have been more honored to capture all of your important moments!  Cheers!

(Special thanks to Amanda for helping us!)

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Amanda Zika - I knew this wedding post would be fabulous and it was! I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos. I am sure they are just as beautiful. I love all the arch ones. What I didn’t like was walking up all those steps pregnant. LOL!

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