Kim & David {engaged}

David’s step-mom was a bridesmaid in Kim’s mom’s wedding.  When Kim first met David at a get together one New Year’s Eve – she was playing with his dog Carmel.  David – smooth as ever came up and took the dog from her because he didn’t want her playing with HIS dog.  Kim should have known this is how a gradeschool boy shows affection, but she didn’t… so she thought he was mean and didn’t care for him much after that.  But fate hate other plans.  Their two lives were always intertwined throughout the years.  Kim eventually forgave David for the dog incident and asked him to a wedding she was attending.  (If you know David – you know that there is hardly anyone who has a better time at weddings.)  At the end of the night he needed an excuse not to end the evening yet, so he reached back into what he knew worked in the past – and asked if she wanted to meet his new dog Snickers.  This time David didn’t take the dog away, and when it was time to leave he pulled Kim to him and kissed her.  It was September 2007, and from that day on – David has called her every day and let her know he loves her.

2 years to the day later, Kim asked David to accompany her again to another wedding.  He had a ring for her since June, but planned his proposal…

“It was September 27, 2009. Because I work in Virginia, I normally go back on Sundays at 6:30 p.m. I told her we needed to go to Scottrade Center to pick up really good seats for my birthday in January before she drove me to the airport. We spent the whole day in St. Louis. We went to the history museum and then to Big Daddy’s on the landing to get something to eat. After eating, it was time to head to Scottrade. We parked right in front and I told her she needed to come inside and get them with me. She tried to open the door when we got up to it and it was locked. When she turned around I told her I knew it would be locked but I had two presents I wanted to give her for our two year talking anniversary (the day she invited me to the wedding). The first present, I was staying for an extra couple days before I went back to VA. The second,  I had made a booklet with tickets in it. There was a ticket for unlimited massages (from me), a manicure and pedicure (with me), a repeat first date to a Blues game, unlimited wedding dates, a Padgett Building house for us to live in, and my unconditional love. The last ticket had “Will You?” printed on it. I dropped to a knee and pulled the ring out of my pocket.  I had the ring wrapped around a rally towel from a Blues game we went to (I was so worried about losing it throughout the day, I had to think of someway to know it was there without checking my pockets every five seconds) and I fumbled to get the ring unwrapped. Meanwhile, Kim is shouting “are you serious” over and over again while backing away from me. She was in complete shock (I told no one except my immediate family and hers so the secret never slipped). Finally, after getting the ring untangled and getting concrete burn on my knee from having to scoot across the ground to where she was now standing, she said yes!”

Kim & David have a October wedding planned for this year and look forward to a lifetime of getting to know one another as their lives grow together.  Enjoy their photos.

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Amanda Zika - I love the lighting in these photos. I also already love the couple since I am a huge Blues fan myself 🙂 Am I working this wedding with you?

Kristina - Great pics David and Kim!!!! Love the lighting of the pics in the Muny

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