Kim & David {Engaged, Part Duex}

Kim & David had an awesome engagement session back in the spring – and by awesome I mean it rained.  Rained horribly.  So they came up to Beaver Dam on a beutiful September day to get a couple more shots before their wedding this month.  I’d like this session to actually be a lesson to all you engaged people out there looking forward to an engagement session with your photographer or even for your wedding day!  Forest Park in St.Louis or any other grand photo location does not make the photos good.  It’s somewhere that you feel comfortable, that is relaxed, where you can be you, and has great light that makes wonderful photos.  Kim & David both mentioned “This feels SO much more relaxed and fun than the session at Forest Park.”  I think there are a couple reasons for this – 1. They dressed more comfortablly.  More “them.”  Sure dressy clothes look great, but if you don’t FEEL great – it shows.  You should feel fabulous for any photo session.  2. At a park with less people there is less hustle and bustle.  More walking and talking and just relaxing.  And 3. This session was about THEM – not about the background.  The Grand Basin is AWESOME – but are you trying to showcase the location, or your love?

When thinking about where you would like your photos taken, just find a place that fits you well and that your photographer feels will offer great photos.  Trust them… that’s why you hired them!  And if you need further confirmation… check out Kim & David’s session… 2.0!

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Emily Dobson - This can be a lesson to both clients AND fellow photographers. I think I get too caught up in the session location and sometimes forget what really matters: my subjects. Thank you, Karin.

Amanda Zika - These are gorgeous! I so want a session there. I love, love, love the field photos!

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