Kim & Bryan {engaged}

They were merely kids.  She was the freshman girl who lived down the street from his old babysitter.  He was the senior boy who made her heart skip a beat.  Kim wears her heart on her sleeve, so it didn’t take a genius to figure out she liked Bryan.  He finally asked her out and when he picked her up in his little S-10 truck she was head over heels.  To this day, 10 years later – he still makes her heart skip a beat.

After ten years of dating, Kim was anticipating that next step any day.  Bryan would always elude to the fact that he was content as things were.  She was beginning to think they would be just dating for the rest of their lives, and told her sister in a conversation that the next step better be soon or they would need to have “the talk”.  It wasn’t but a day or two later that Kim came home from a regular day of work, and errands, and an oil change when Bryan told her he had to go get something.  When he came back upstairs he was immediately right there behind her, on one knee with a ring and calmly asked Kim to be his wife.  In shock, her hands were trembling and they couldn’t even manage to get the ring on!  Finally when things settled down and her ring proudly on her left hand they celebrated with a nice dinner at the restaurant where her sister works, and at the end of the meal she brought out a cake that said “He put a ring on it”.
The couple is planning a Feb. 2014 wedding and look forward to their forever!!!

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Emily - Reading this made me tear up!!! So happy for you both!!! I can’t wait to celebrate your big day!!! Kim your going to be a beautiful bride!!!


Ashley - Absolutely LOVE all the pictures! Kim you are gorgeous!!

Abby - I absolutely LOVE these!!! :)) beautiful!!! Can’t wait for ur big day!!

Mallory - Ahhhhh! Kim your pictures are gorgeous!! LOVE the ones with the balloons! ((:

Mollie - The pictures are amazing!!!!! Kim you’re beauitful!!!!! I’m so happy for the both of you 🙂

Abby Sims - Gorgeous, Kim!!!

Jessica Smith - Love love love the pics! Kim you look beautiful!

Jan - All the pictures are gorgeous…I’m
glad i don’t have to pick them

Brittany timmermann - So adorable!! Love the pics and the story. Kim, you’re gorgeous!!!!

Courtney - Ahwww, I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about these! Kim, you look gorgeous, as usual! I can’t wait to celebrate!

Kim H - I teared up as well!!! Great pictures!! Love u two and can’t wait for the day!!!

Kim Emig - Thanks everyone, I love them!! Can’t wait for the big day!!

Dee Emig - Your pictures are beautiful!

Rachel - These pictures are amazing! They turned out awesome! Can’t wait to celebrate!

Renee Ryterski - Simply GORGEOUS Kim & Bryan!!!

Melissa Weh - These pictures are AMAZING!! You are stunning Kimberly!! Good work TenSixteen!

Kayla Emig - I have the prettiest sister :)) Bryan’s not too bad either LOL! But seriously, Amazing pics.. U guys look so in love 🙂

Allison Isaak - These pictures are absolutely amazing!! Kim you are going to make a beautiful bride.. Can’t wait to celebrate the big day!! <3

Joyce Emig - Beautiful couple! You guys are so cute together! Love you and can’t wait for your big day! Great job on the pictures Ten Sixteen!

Donna Rakers - LOVE the pictures. Can’t wait for the big day!!

Russell Jones - Great pictures…two happy souls in love…Congratulations to both of you!

Mary - Wat beautiful pics, they are all amazing!! Can’t wait til the big day. Love ya both!!!

Maggie - Gorgeous pictures Kim and Bryan 🙂 can’t wait to celebrate the big day

jessica haukap - LOVE the pictures!

larissa wuebbels - GreatPictures, so Pretty!! Cant wait for the big day!!!

Terri Butler - I’m so happy for you guys! It may have taken him a long time but you were already part of the family. We look forward to celebrating your day with you two soon!

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