Kerri & Colin {Wedding Day}

There is going to be ALOT of eye candy in this post.  Besides the beautiful people, Kerri and Colin had the most jaw dropping flowers, decor, and stationary and it was all provided by Becky Huffman.  We definitely are HUGE fans of Becky’s work, but the fact that she out did herself on the busiest wedding weekend (9/10/11) of 2011 and didn’t miss a beat truly shows her professionalism.  So if you have Becky hired for your wedding you should feel VERY excited, because she will absolutely rock your world.  The more she’s involved in a wedding, the more that wedding shines!

Kerri – you are so gorgeous!!

Oh Colin – no doubt you are handsome, but the best quality on your wedding day was your happiness!!

When you are having a Friday wedding, a first glance is pretty much a must.  After Kerri and Colin had a heartfelt first glance, we drove around Forest Park to get some great shots.  The rain that gently fell was not condusive to outdoor shots, so we used covered areas, and amazing spots indoors that we normally would overlook.  Sometimes the rain is a blessing in disguise as the indoor locations in Forest Park are breathtaking!

and some cute umbrella shots outdoors never hurt either!!

But Kerri’s dream was an outdoor wedding, and she was not going to give up on Mother Nature yet.  The weather Gods must’ve been looking out for her because  20 minutes before the ceremony was set to start, the rain stopped, the chairs were wiped down, and her outdoor ceremony was set to begin!!

Many people think that a First Glance will take away from that moment when the bride walks down the aisle and the groom sees her.  We can attest that it does not, and one piece of evidence of this is both Kerri and Colin’s reaction to that very moment.  He was fighting back his tears unsuccesfully and so was Kerri.  The moment you are getting married is still an emotional moment you will never forget – what could ever take away from that?  Most often the fact that you’ve seen each other allows you to truly SEE one another and allows you to take in that moment even more.



Kerri and Colin – you wanted a magical, fairytale wedding day – and that is exactly what you got.  Regardless of raindrops and a little stress with all that came with them – the skies parted and your day was a success.  Love always endures, come rain or come shine.  Life doesn’t go exactly as we have planned, but with love at the forefront, you will weather the storms and find your happiness not at the end but along the way.  We know your journey together will bring you a lifetime of happiness, and we were so happy to be there to witness the beginning of it.  Enjoy your “Happily Ever After”!!
Need more of Kerri & Colin’s beautiful dream wedding? Be sure to watch the slideshow to see more!!

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Donnell Probst - Love, love, love in so many ways! What a lucky couple to have you there shooting their big day!!!! :))))

Ali Lee - Seriously great work guys! The colors really pop, and you captured some wonderful moments. Love it!!! 😉

Amanda Zika - Seriously an amazing wedding! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!!

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