Kelsey & Justin {engaged}

Her cousin went on and on about this guy he was friends with named Justin, and how Kelsey should meet him because he was certain they’d hit it off.  The opportunity finally presented itself and Kelsey distinctly recalls her initial reaction being “Who is this super annoying guy?”  He however believes it was love at first sight.  However annoying he may have seemed didn’t matter, because Kelsey had a boyfriend so she never gave it a second thought.  Time passed and and Kelsey eventually became single, and then one day Justin showed up on her front door step, and now 7 years later – they’ve been together ever since.

Their relationship is very sweet and comical.  Lots of eye rolls and nudges and “that’s not how it happened”.  Like how Kelsey insists Justin stood her up for their very first date, and how he insists she stood him up and he ended up watching Chicken Little in a theater full of 10 year old girls all alone.  So when she tells the story of their engagement and she says that they were having a mild disagreement that night because he was running late for their date, you know that they’ll be 80 years old telling their grandkids these stories and still disagreeing on what actually transpired.  What IS clear, is that night when they showed up at The Melting Pot in Chesterfield and he took her over to a park area and dropped down on one knee – even though the details may be blurry and even though his version may be a little different than hers – she without question or hesitation said yes.

The two are planning a wedding for fall of 2013 and look forward to a lifetime of teasing, playful bickering, and the sweetest love that is never ending.  Enjoy a few of their engagement photos!!

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Bill Dunning - I think the photos turned out great. You did a great job!!

Audrey Lee - Love the pictures! Miss you both!

Elaine Behrmann - Kelsey and Justin these photos are beautiful! So happy for both of you!!

Kelsey - Karin and Roger-These photos are amazing and I can not thank you guys enough! I can’t wait till our wedding!

Trisha Tonnies - Another awesome photo shoot! Love the pics – especially the tunnel one! Congrats to Kelsey and Justin!

Justin Ritchhart - Great pictures! So happy for the two of you! I’ve had the opportunity to be great friends with the 2 of you since freshmen year of college and can’t wait to be a part of your special day!

Nancy Dunning - Beautiful…..Just like the two people in the pictures!

Liz Werkmeister - Love the pictures and love the two of you! This next year will be filled with many memories with the both of you. I can’t wait to be part of your big day 🙂

robin hummert - Love these pictures,so happy for the both of you.Miss both of you guys alot,come back to Q.U. and vist me.

Brittany Casey - Love all your pictures! You two look so happy! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!!

Jessica Gericke - The pictures are absolutely beautiful, I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!! Kelsey you look gorgeous, oh I guess you do too Justin 🙂 So happy for you two, and so excited to be apart of your wedding day!!! love ya’ll.

Stephanie Haller - So glad Kels was able to keep her eyes open lol!!! Love the pics!!!

Ben Behrmann - Great pictures!

Richard - You guys look great. Really, these are great pictures! Good job Dunning.

Justin Dunning - Pictures look great! Probably because I carried us through with my good looks. Doubtful but Kelsey looks amazing. Can’t wait to work with you on the wedding day!

Marilyn Quitmeyer - Awesome pictures of you both. You make such a cute couple…Justin so handsome and Kesley so beautiful! I am so happy for you and pray that God will bless you with a long happy life together. Love you both!

Caitlyn Dunning - Beautiful pictures!! Kelsey you look gorgeous, and Justin I have to say you look handsome as well. Can’t wait to help celebrate with you, and your future together! Great job TenSixteen!!

Judy Alberternst - Beautiful photos! You two make a beautiful couple. Wishing you both a bright and happy future together.

Jill Martin - Great pics!

Pam Martin - Awesome pictures! Great looking couple!

Maryanne Martin - Beautiful photos! Can’t wait until the big day, you guys make a lovely couple…Kelsey will make a wonderful addition to our family

David Martin - Great photos! Cute pooch, you guys make such an adorable couple

Shelly - I LOVE them all!

Scott - Awesome pictures, great job

Larry Sartin - Nice, you guys look really good. Good luck with everything

Kathy Klucker - Awesome pictures!

Lisa Kuhn - Kelsey – your pictures are beautiful! Karin & Roger – great job!

Brett Zurliene - I am happy for you both, the pictures turned out great! Kelsey, I don’t know how you got Justin to clean up so well for these pictures..Normally he is in a dirty baseball uniform..haha. Have fun and enjoy the planning!

Royce Duncan - Great pictures! Congrats again

Jon Myers - Very nice pictures Justin and Kelsey! Photographer did a great job!

Chris Conner - Great pictures very fortunate to be able to celebrate the big day with both of you guys. Congrats!

Rob Schmittgens - Great pictures! Really excited for you guys!

Gordy Gundaker - Congrats Dunning! WIsh both of you the best!

Alex Guthrie - So glad you got those dark jeans justin, it made all the difference!!!!

Luke Pakosta - I’m incredibly happy for both of you. Can not wait to celebrate your day with you two.

G.W. - Very Nice!

Tyler - Awesome pics guys! Congratulations!

Kyle Kohlbrecher - These Pics look great. If justin was better looking it would be nice but on a serious note they turned out very well especially the ones on the steps.

Jacob Sopiars - Congrats Guys!

Julie Boeschen - The pictures are so wonderful of the two of you and the Boeschen’s are looking forward to your special day on October!!
Hawk looks like he was a good puppy that day!!

Debbie Cummings - Rick and I really enjoyed your pictures. We wish you all the best. Thanks for sharing!!!

Jeremy RUPPEL - Best I’ve seen!! Congrats and Best Wishes!!

Cheryl Dias - Great pictures! Congratulations to such a cute couple!

Julie Boeschen - Beautiful pictures Kelsey and Justin!! The Boeschen family is so happy for the both of you and looking forward to your special day in October 2013!!

Bill - Wonderful pictures!! Even Hawks looks ready to go!!! Cant wait for the wedding!!

Mike-Cindy Shaw - Awesome pictures!!

Lauren - These pictures are really good! Can’t wait for next October!

Gina - Awesome pictures you guys!

Paige - Can’t wait for the wedding!

Cliff - Look Great!

Marianne - Beautiful pictures, beautiful couple!

Judy Weber - Pictures are great! Thanks for sharing.

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