Katie & Ray {Wedding Day}

Ray is super handsome.  He’s manly, and strong, and nice to boot.  (And he’s taken ladies!!)

And Katie is so sweet and kind, soft spoken and maybe a little shy, and made a beautiful bride.

Cutest kids in America… check.

Do you remember July?  Do you remember how it was over 100 for what felt like a decade?  Katie & Ray’s wedding day was on one of those Saturdays that was HOT, and Katie got overheated in her gorgeous, but heavy wedding dress.  With her not feeling well, we needed to power through and get about an hour’s worth of photos done in 5 minutes.  Before really getting to sit down with their images, Roger and I were worried that we didn’t get enough of the two of them and were wishing we’d had better circumstances for their photos.  And then, we looked at them and saw it.  And by it I mean… it.  Love.  Beautiful, deep, thoughtful love.  The bond with these two is so strong that a cool pose, or a dramatic shot with the ultimate lighting isn’t what’s special.  All you need is 5 minutes with the way Ray looks at her, or the way Katie hold him and THAT is what makes an awesome photo that’s enough to last a lifetime.

The spot where we shot their photos turned out to be where Ray had asked Katie to marry him.  When they show their grandkids their wedding photos they’ll be able to tell how it was the exact place Grandpa asked Grandma to be his wife.  Their legacy that’s weaved into these images make them that much sweeter!

Wasn’t it so thoughtful that they put our initials on their cake?

Here’s where the magic happens.  Katie spent the weeks leading up to her wedding day making all of these amazing candies.  UM – pinch me.  Everyone who knows me knows that I love cream cheese mints, and anyone who really knows me knows that I ate over 40 of them that night. (And took home a box for later.)  (And I didn’t share with Roger.)

We were fortunate enough to work with Gebbs videography, and Katie and Ray are SO smart for hiring him.  Michael is incredible at what he creates, but even more amazing is how he treats people.  It was such a great experience working with him and his second shooter and to watch Katie and Ray’s day unfold in his Same Day Edit was something we’ll never forget.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to see his work, you are truly missing out.  Be sure to look at what we had the pleasure to watch that night by clicking HERE.

Katie and Ray – we wish we had more time to get to know you both, but what we saw on your wedding day was enough to know that you two are truly special, kind, warm hearted individually, and even more amazing together.  We are so grateful to have been a part of this beginning, and look forward to watching your forever!  XOXO!

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Amanda Zika - You can see the love! And those are some pert cute kids!

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