Katie + John {wedding story}

We’ve seen a few weddings in our day, and each and every one is filled with love and affection – no love story is more or less important – however each is unique.  What makes Katie and John unique you ask?  There are so many things that make their love special, but I would have to say their adoration and respect for one another.  Both light up around one another, adore the other, and have a sincere, deep, all encompassing love for the other that is so remarkable – so outstanding… that I cried.  The ugly cry.  In a personal moment with them when we were saying goodbye.  I’ve never been flooded with that much emotion at a wedding, and mind you – this was our first time meeting them.  Katie and John have a love that movies are made about.  You can see it in every single interaction.  Don’t believe me, take a look for yourself at Katie and John’s wedding day!!!KJ_613001Katie has a pretty special relationship with her parents as well – she is certainly the apple of their eye!!KJ_613002KJ_613003KJ_613004KJ_613005Remember that special relationship Katie has with her parents?  This first look with her dad was the SWEETEST moment and shows just how much his little girl means to him!KJ_613006KJ_613007Seriously Katie – you are gorgeous inside and out!!!KJ_613008KJ_613009THis guy here is the real deal.  Tall, dark, and handsome and kind, genuine, and courteous.  His parents rock at creating awesome children!! KJ_613010Katie and John did a quick “first look” although John wasn’t exactly able to look.  Blindfolded so the first time he saw his bride was as she walked down the aisle – Katie and Jon still shared a special moment before they said their “I Do”s.KJ_613011KJ_613012KJ_613013KJ_613014Katie and John’s wedding was at the beautiful Old Cathedral at The Arch!  That view never disappoints!!KJ_613015KJ_613016KJ_613017KJ_613018KJ_613019KJ_613020KJ_613021There were two parts of Katie and John’s wedding ceremony that were completely unique.  I’d not seen these beautiful special ceremonies before, but was absolutely taken with them.  In the Hispanic culture, the arras and lasso are typical traditions during the wedding ceremony. The arras symbolize the sharing of wealth and goods. You pledge to the other person that you are going to give your whole self to them and your new family. The lasso symbolizes a special blessing to protect the union between the couple. It is typically bestowed upon the bride and groom by sponsors who serve as a guiding example for the couple and their marriage.  I love special ways to incorporate traditions that are important to the couple, and this was absolutely perfect.KJ_613022KJ_613023KJ_613024KJ_613025KJ_613026Seriously how cute are these two!?!  Their happiness just radiates from them!KJ_613027KJ_613028KJ_613029KJ_613030KJ_613031KJ_613032KJ_613033KJ_613034KJ_613035KJ_613036KJ_613037The Visitor’s Center at Forest Park was absolutely stunning for their reception!  Everything was perfect, and it was no wonder why Katie cried tears of happiness when she saw the room for the first time!  KJ_613038KJ_613039KJ_613040KJ_613041KJ_613042KJ_613043KJ_613044KJ_613045THis was without a doubt one of the cutest moments I’ve seen at a reception!  Katie was sat in a chair in the middle of the dance floor, and each of the groomsmen did a dance for her and presented her with a rose.  It was like Magic Mike – only way different.  KJ_613046KJ_613047KJ_613048KJ_613049This is how they are every. single. moment.  When no one is watching, when they are just being themselves.  I love their love.KJ_613050KJ_613051KJ_613053KJ_613054Katie and John – we are certainly no experts on love.  We have seen lots of loves, told many love stories, and just happen to have a love story of our own!  😉  I can’t say that we know the keys to a happy marriage – we are still learning day by day.  But I remember one thing that was said at our own wedding that meant the most to us, and that was “Your love is a great example to the rest of us on how you should treat one another and how to truly love someone.”  We say that today to you both, because Katie and John – your love IS an example of how one should love their spouse, how one should love their family, how one should treat their friends.  When life gets harder, when days become more about who took out the garbage and those 3 day old dirty dishes in the sink, as the ebb and flow of life changes you into the people you are meant to be – remember the love that is at the core of your relationship.  Remember that what you have is special and should be cherished and protected.  Remember that hearts like yours inspire others to be better, and remind people that true love – that magical love  – does exist.
Thank you for allowing us to capture your exception love story.
More information about Katie & John’s day:
Ceremony: Old Cathedral Downtown at the Arch

Reception: St.Louis Forest Park Visitor’s Center

Florist: Bloomin’ Buckets

Hair/Make Up: St. Louis Makeup Artist

Stationary: Paper Patch

DJ: Complete

Videographer: Complete

First Dance: Everything by Michael Buble

Last Dance: Closing Time by Semisonic

Intro Song: Let’s Go by Tiesto ft. Icona Pop

Favorite moment of the day: Despite our original plans for a sparkler send off, our night ended with one of our favorite songs being played. All of our guests formed a circle around us, as we danced one last time as newlyweds on our wedding day. It was in that moment that it seemed as if time stood still. As we circled around, we looked at every family member and friend and realized how grateful we were for their presence, love and support for our new life together.

Anything you’d change about the day: Amidst all of the small things that some would not consider perfect, I wouldn’t change anything about our day. The day flies by faster than you realize and it’s too short to bog yourself down with what may not go as planned. John and I tried to remain “in the moment” throughout the entire day and not lose sight of the meaning behind it because we knew in a matter of hours it would all be over. A wedding is only one day, but a marriage lasts a lifetime!

Advice to brides and grooms: A friend suggested this to us and I recommend it to any bride and groom on their big day. Take a moment during the reception and look at the people around you. Look at your family and friends and know how much you mean to them and how much they mean to you to be celebrating this special day with you. Rarely will you ever have that many people all in one room just for you
For more of this fabulous day and couple, check out the slideshow below!

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