Katie & Jimmy {Wedding Day}

What do Elvis, ice, feathers, and incredibly good looking people have in common?  You are about to find out.

We’d been looking forward to Katie and Jimmy’s wedding for a long time.  See, when we say available for travel, we don’t discriminate.  And even though Quincy IL isn’t too far of a trip – it was still an adventure we looked forward to.  Quincy is hands down the coolest little Illinois city.  Roger and I had actually for some time discussed moving there when we were looking for our place in the mid west to call home.  So when Katie & Jimmy wanted us to go there for their wedding – we were super excited.  Also something exciting is that these two are ridiculously good looking.  Photographers do enjoy a photogenic couple and Katie & Jimmy are super models.  But the best part about these two has nothing to do with looks or where they are from – it has to do with how nice they are.  When I first met Katie and Jimmy it was on a day where I had a marathon day of shooting.  2 engagements, one 5 year old birthday, and a 1 year old.  Already frazzled with a busy day – there were also gale force winds to boot.  By the time afternoon hit my hair looked like Don King.  Plus – I had just gotten my Inivisiline retainers recently and they had cut the inside of my mouth – but alas – I didn’t know it.  I was running late after the 5 year old birthday party took longer than expected – racing to meet these two, out of breath, disheveled and nerdy with my mouth of horror.  I was on the cell phone with Katie as she directed me to where they were when to my disbelief – there they were.  Ken and Barbie.  I might has well been thrown back in the 4th grade with my big glasses and horrible perm.  I felt like the biggest nerd ever.  I figured they’d take one look at me and run for the hills.  But as I sat down with them and talked  I discovered that they didn’t seem to care about how I looked.  They were genuine.  And warm.  And kind.  I was the one who had judged them  – assuming that people that good looking wouldn’t be “real”- while in the mean time, they weren’t judging me at all (or if they were, they did a darn good job of hiding it!).  Even though I had felt so awkward about the meeting they booked us for their wedding and I could not be more thankful that they did.  Because even on their wedding day – when they should be thinking about themselves – they were genuine, and warm, and kind.  (OK, and still hot, but that’s not the point)  So it’ll be hard when you look at these images to get over their beauty, but just know that with this group of people – the beauty on the outside is only a reflection of what is on the inside.  Enjoy Katie & Jimmy’s winter wedding.


You want to know something crazy?  Katie is my butt twin.  Seriously – our back sides look identical.  It’s the strangest thing.  (internet is not always the best vehicle for sarcasm, so I hope that no one thinks that for one second I think my rear end looks remotely like this.  It’s a joke yo.  However, in my dreams it does look like this.)  (Roger said it does in his dreams too)  (Yes, this photo is hot)


Katie, thanks to you – men might actually read this blog.


and Jimmy – thanks to you our female following may increase.  You are super duper fly.


Even the church is pretty.  Seriously.20

I’ll admit it… I’ve always dreamed of seeing photos I took on a bus.  Katie & Jimmy:making dreams come true.


If there was a problem, Yo — I’ll solve it!  Check out the hook while the DJ revolves it…  Ice Ice baby too cold, too cold.




I mean seriously!  Are they ridiculous or what?


Insert Vanilla Ice lyric here again.




The dancing kicked off with a super sweet first dance…


that turned into a dance off between the bride and groom.  Completely un-choreographed I was later told – their first dance was my favorite ever.  (Later that night I challenged Roger to a dance off in our hotel room.  He just looked at me and rolled his eyes.  Clearly, he didn’t want to step to this.)


Wait for it… wait for it…


I totally saw Elvis at Katie & Jimmy’s wedding.


I don’t want to start any rumors or anything, but I heard the cape and the glasses were part of the honeymoon night.  I’m just sayin.


So , yeah.  I’m feeling less than average about my looks – how about you?  Katie & Jimmy – your wedding day will never be forgotten.  We adored every single aspect of your day, but most of all – we adored you.  Congratulations.  I can’t wait to see your babies!

You’ll want to view Katie & Jimmy’s slideshow!


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Roger Doolin - A. I did NOT say that about the butt photo and you know it.
B. I heard the same thing about the Elvis cape and glasses on the honeymoon, but I heard the belt was worn too.
C. Any time. Any where. I will school you with my dance moves.

Katie V - WOW!!! The pictures are just AMAZING….I couldn’t be happier!!! I remembered every moment of our day as I looked through them. The ice pictures are really neat….and Elvis….WOW! For the honeymoon comment….unfortunately for us the costume was borrowed and we couldn’t take it with us…very disappointing I know!! haha. Thank you so much for doing such a great job!!

Dawn Devall - WOWZA!!! Those are fantastic!!!! I have a whole new look on winter:)

Amanda Zika - Oh these are gorgeous! Fabulous job. Winter weddings are so beautiful. I wish everyone realized this! The photos are top notch girl! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog too 😉


Kayla Merkel - Mom and I watching the slide show for the 4th time, laughing and crying! You two are absolutely beautiful and I love you both! Congrats again…I am very happy for you both!

M Merkel - The pictures and slideshow are amazing!!! They have made me laugh, cry and so very proud!!! You two are beautiful people – inside and out!! What a great day it was – and these photographs capture it! To Karen and Roger – you truly have an amazing talent! Thank you so much for capturing this special day and creating such wonderful memories! Can’t wait to see all the pictures!! Boy is going to be hard to pick!!

Kayla Merkel - Oh and to Karen and Roger….You MUST do the pictures for my wedding someday!!! I wont settle for anything less, your work is breath taking!!! Great job!

Dondi - AMAZING!!! Karin and Roger you guys totally outdid yourselves once again! Great job!

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