Katie + Cameron {wedding story}

Katie and Cameron have an innocent, natural, timeless love.  They both went to the same high school, and their love is as youthful and kind as the day they met.  We’d met Katie and Cameron at Cameron’s sister Ali’s wedding, and hoped when they were married that they would contact.  Obviously when we found out our hopes would be a reality we were ecstatic!  We had no idea just how fantastic their wedding day would be, but it was better than we could have dreamed.  The couple is laid back and deeply in love, they kept their priorities for the day at the forefront and didn’t get lost in the trivial details.  Without being stressed out or worried, and with their love at the forefront the day was one of the best weddings we’ve had the privilege to witness.  We could go on and on, but with think the photos tell the story perfectly.  Enjoy Katie and Cameron’s wedding day!tensixteen_110Cameron has the warmest, kindest smile.  This is certainly the man you would hope for your daughter. (sorry ladies, he’s taken) 😉tensixteen_111Katie is just a timeless beauty.  She is not only gorgeous, she’s as kind as they come. Relaxed, caring, and lighthearted. This is the woman you hope for your son, and the girlfriend you want in your circle of friends.  She is a true gem.tensixteen_112tensixteen_113tensixteen_114tensixteen_115Katie and Cameron’s first look was as sweet as they are.tensixteen_116tensixteen_117tensixteen_118It was laughter and fun every single moment photographing these two.  We LOVE the way they interact.tensixteen_119tensixteen_120tensixteen_121tensixteen_122tensixteen_123How gorgeous are these girls?!?tensixteen_124There have been a handful of weddings in our days in business that we’ve seen the bride walk down the aisle on her own, but when Cameron walked down to escort his bride down the aisle it took my breath away.  Such a powerful moment, and such a true demonstration of a companion.tensixteen_125tensixteen_126tensixteen_127tensixteen_128tensixteen_129MARRIED!tensixteen_130Katie surprised Cameron with a Vintage truck for their getaway car!tensixteen_131tensixteen_132tensixteen_133You could smell the rain in the air, so we had to work quickly, but with these two – photographing is effortless – time crunch and all.
tensixteen_134tensixteen_135tensixteen_136tensixteen_137tensixteen_138Seriously.  These two.  <3tensixteen_139tensixteen_140tensixteen_141We went to the high school where their love story started.  Their dynamic fit perfectly to return to this nostalgic place, and we loved watching them together.  It’s as if time has never changed their love – and never will.tensixteen_142tensixteen_143Katie and Cameron’s reception was stunning, proving you can be a laid-back bride and still pull off magnificent event!tensixteen_144tensixteen_145tensixteen_146I mean – this is really my mantra.tensixteen_147This is Katie and Cameron.  All day long.  I love their love.tensixteen_148tensixteen_149and yeah, I happened to catch Cameron’s sister Ali losing it during the mother-son dance.  Seeing her ant Tim and their new baby makes me a bit weepy as well.  tensixteen_150tensixteen_151tensixteen_152

Katie and Cameron, we are so incredibly thankful to have been the photographers to capture your love story.  We adore you both, we love your families, and will be cheering you on every step of the way.  The world needs more love like yours.  We respect you both individually, and admire you together as a couple.  We know you’ll be laughing together the same way when you are old and gray.  Some couples just have that magic, and you two are positively one of those couples!  Congratulations!
Check out more from this magnificent day on the slideshow below!

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Dawn Willoughby - These are absolutely wonderful! I can’t wait to see them all. I’m so glad we were able to book you guys for Katie and Cameron’s wedding. I wanted them to have the same professional quality pictures as Ali and Tim had for their wedding. I can’t say thanks enough. I just saw Ali’s wedding photo album over the weekend and it was AMAZING! I hope Cameron and Katie got one in their package, I can’t remember. Again thanks for everything!

Chicken (Ali, Cameron and now Tim and Katie’s Mom) 🙂

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