Kate & Chris {wedding story}

Go ahead and grab a cup of coffee for this one – it’s gonna be a long one.  😉
Kate and Chris met with us in a local coffee shop last fall where we got to know one another over coffee and laughs.  They’d already booked us for their wedding, but the two live in California and it was our first time meeting face to face.  Interacting with Kate and Chris is effortless.  It takes 10 seconds to love them, and 11 for Chris to have you laughing out loud.  Maybe less.  There are just the epitome of what all couples should be – relaxed, don’t take themselves too seriously, kind, and crazy, wholeheartedly, unabashedly IN LOVE.  Like I would walk the Earth for you love.  But maybe that’s what happens you the world keeps your soulmate from you until the PERFECTLY right time.
And that’s what we talked about as we chatted over coffee – timing.  And just how everything seems to fall out as it should.  You see Kate grew up on Haselhorst Rd (which just happens to be Chris’s last name) which was 5 minutes away from where Chris lived.  They grew up 5 minutes from one another, yet never crossed paths.  At least not that they know of.  Kate ended up being great friends with a girl named Julie, that just happened to be Chris’s sister – and even though she knew he existed, they still never met.   Grade school, Jr.High, High School, proms, graduations, relationships, college, and some time later, Kate packed up with a group of girls to go visit their old friend Julie who had since moved to California.  All the girls were getting settled after arriving and unpacking and in walked Julie’s roommate – her brother Chris.  And at that moment Chris and Kate’s paths finally crossed, intersected, and fate took things from there.  There was an attraction immediately.  It was if they had finally come home.  She left California thinking it could never work.  He’s in California and she’s in Illinois.  Things like that just don’t happen right?  But they kept emailing, and calling, and falling in love – and eventually she became a resident of California, and not too long after – as the sun was setting on the ocean standing their in the sand just as tide came in… Chris fiancé.
Timing.  Perfect timing.  That’s what this story was all about.  Isn’t that what all the great love stories are made of?  Just these subtle, little twists of fate?  The right moments, the right times, the right person.  And fate will certainly get you there, but the rest is what you do with it.  How you make it work.  Despite the obstacles and hurdles, love is worth the effort.  Because when you are determined to never let your soulmate go – you end up spending forever with them.  And it all starts on a day like this… enjoy Kate & Chris’s wedding day.

as Chris was set to open his present, I suggested maybe he should be alone so he could really take the moment in and not have to worry about getting emotional in front of his groomsmen.  “Oh, Chris will cry in front of anyone, he doesn’t care.” his sister Julie said.  I mean you HAVE to love a man who will laugh and cry with no conscious.  (And every time I see him wiping his eyes with that tissue paper I lose it.)

The man was made to wear this tux, was he not?

Love the anticipation you can see on both Kate & Chris’s faces before the First Look…

Already tearing up before she’s even to him…

And then there was this…

By far the best first glance I’ve ever witnessed and one I will never forget.  You see those photos on Pinterest that say “This is why you should do a first look on your wedding day” and I hastily always think… “yeah right”.  Those moments don’t happen.  No guy really drops his jaw and is brought to tears at the sight of his bride, right?  Well – this one did, and I’m sorry ladies – he’s taken.

Another great thing about this couple – you don’t have to pose them or tell them what to do.  They just naturally know how to make movie posters with their embraces and the way they are completely engulfed in the other.  LOVE IT.

Whew.  With all that steamy romance I forgot there is a blog to do.  OK.  So there were some pretty great details too…Kate – isn’t she beautiful!?!  You could just see the happiness radiating from her.  Love her classic beauty.And quit it.  Chris.  Just quit it.  You are too handsome.  You and your boyish charm.  (Roger said all that, not me)

Is this a great looking wedding party or what?

These kids right here!!  Could they be any more perfect?And then back to this perfection again…
Kate’s dad watchin’ that limo like a boss.The grotto at Our Lady Of the Snows Shrine is PERFECTION for wedding ceremonies.  Thank goodness the weather made it even more perfect!this series…and that kiss…After the ceremony the two walked over to be alone just a second and take it all in.  I personally can’t tell you how much I wish more bride and grooms did this.  They get whisked away so often and don’t even get a minute to celebrate privately and take in what they’ve just done.  Future brides and grooms – if you can have a moment to yourselves even for 30 seconds, please do.  (And please make sure we can still see you from afar to get that raw emotion)And then, as if the day hadn’t been perfect enough the couple let us grab them and go on a hike up a hill to get this amazing view of the St.Louis skyline for a few photos.  Bringing sexy back right here.  Yeah.

Kate & Chris – so now I’m tearing up.

 In this line of work Roger and I do, we see a few weddings.  And we always say that we don’t need designer dresses, thousand dollar bouquets, exquisite linens, a steak dinner, or 3 carat diamonds to photograph.  (OK – the steak dinner would be nice) 😉  Thing only thing we want, is to leave your wedding envious of your love.  We want to feel the need to high five to the amazing love we saw, and cheers to a couple so visibly taken with one another.  We want to leave that day knowing the whole world can go kaput, but the THAT love will still stand.  We want to be inspired and to know that every person there felt the exact same way.  And on the evening of March 21st as we headed home – that’s precisely how we felt.  You inspire us.  As people, as a couple, as a son and a daughter.  This day is a perfect example of what a wedding day should be, and what a life long love is.  So cheers to you both and a lifetime more of perfect timings!!!

Seriously you HAVE to see more of this day!!  Check out this beautiful video of Kate & Chris’s wedding day for more images and much more love!!

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Jami - Love love love!!!! Best blog yet! Gorgeous couple !

Linda Fuehne - Beautiful pictures! You captured their story so well!

Jenn - Absolutely breathtaking – the photos, yes, but their love!! And what an absolute privilege it was for me to be present to watch these 2 beautiful people bind their love for all of eternity! Thank you for capturing the amazing love they share in these pics, in this blog, in the video. They are PRICELESS!!

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