Kari & David {married}

I wouldn’t say they are opposites – because the connotation sounds conflicting and disagreeing.  I would say that their differences compliment the other perfectly – one picks up where the other leaves off without effort.  Both have many similarities as well, both are kind and loving, cherish their families, and both are just plain adorable.  They love one another wholeheartedly, and look out for one another in a caring and involved way.  Their connection is true and unfaltering, so it was no question why we were so excited when Kari contacted us with the news that she and David were engaged.  Having the pleasure of capturing her brother’s wedding a couple years ago, we always enjoy working with familiar people.  When those people just happen to be kind to boot – you know it’s going to be a great day!  Without disappointment, it was a flawless, laid-back, joyful day – one that you have to check out!!  Enjoy Kari & David’s wedding day!!

Special thanks to my amazingly talented friend Laura for helping me while Roger was out of town.  He would have loved to be there for this wedding, but felt comforted knowing you were by my side that day!!  You made it easy for me that day and I loved shooting with you!!

Kari is about as pretty as they come!!  All American Girl Next Door.  And she was STUNNING on her wedding day.I’d met David, so I knew how sweet he is.  No surprise to me, Laura was taken with his kindness as well.  He is such a great person and it’s no wonder why Kari loves him so much!!  (And he’s pretty darn handsome as well!!  Those bottom eye lashes!! SERIOUSLY!!)We met Kari’s dad at her brother’s wedding, but had no idea what a softy he is!!  His little girl has him wrapped around her finger!!
MARRIED!!!One of my favorite wedding parties!!  It’s a large group, but having worked with so many of them in the past it felt like hanging out with old friends.  BOOM.LOVE THESE TWOSO…

Laura and I were outside during dinner chatting, and what was a cloudy overcast day was breaking into something spectacular.  I told her – “this might get good” and within minutes my prediction came true.  (I could be News Channel 5’s 6th set of eyes.)  I may or may not have been running and out of breath when I brought them outside.  My heart was pounding trying to nail this without my lighting guru Rog with me, but I was pretty proud of Laura and I for pulling it off!  It is sunset perfection!!

This sunset changed by the second and each time it changed colors and shape was more exciting than the last.  This couple had a pretty bad ass sunset on their engagement session, so they must have someone special looking over them!!

Kari & David – Laura, Roger, and I LOVE you.  Everyone loves you.  And it’s no question why.  We are so happy to have been a part of your wedding day, and cannot wait to see the success of your marriage throughout the years!!!


Check out more of Kari & David’s day by watching this slideshow!!!

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