Jordan H. {High School Senior}

Jordan defines the “all American boy” in my opinion.  He plays football and baseball, drives a super hot Mustang (see below), is great looking (duh), is charming and polite, and is super sweet to his momma.  (PS Ladies… I’m going to break your hearts at the end of this post)



Roger mentioned in the car that Jordan is a “good looking kid” which Roger doesn’t comment on the way other men look basically ever, so you know it’s true.  And here’s a few pics to prove it.

And because we are big fans of love at any age – here is Jordan and his sweetie girlfriend Hannah.  I’m sure you see it too that Jordan smiled the biggest and sweetest when she was in his photos, so it’s one we had to share.  (Sorry ladies – I warned you!!)

Jordan, we are so thankful that your mom contacted us to capture your senior photos, and SO glad for the opportunity to meet you.  All those sweet women in your life are lucky to have you.  We hope you have a awesome senior year and that your future be filled with success and happiness.  Stay fierce!  😉




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Amanda Zika - You are hands down the best senior photographer in St. Louis – maybe even the whole country. I am dead serious. You should be doing workshops. Every single session is beyond amazing.

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