Jillian & Kyle {Wedding Day}

Jillian’s dress was absolutely her.  Simple yet beautiful, delicate and pretty.  

And I’m STILL thinking about these shoes.  SWOON!

OMG Jill. I don’t know what to say about this photo other than it takes my breath away.  

And don’t worry Kyle, you are breathtaking as well!

Jillian and Kyle had the SWEETEST first glance.  She was crying as we entered the church, but when Kyle cried, I cried.  (Roger however didn’t cry.  I’m the crier in this relationship.)

You know it’s going to be a great wedding when even the kids are adorable!!

The details were so overwhelming I just don’t know where to begin.  Every single aspect left us amazed, down to the pen for the guest book.  Jillian and her mother thought of EVERYTHING.  It was so intense.  I wish I could have their forethought and creativity.  They make Martha Stewart look incompetent. 

and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have Becky Huffman to help facilitate your dream wedding!

More tears of happiness.

The getaway mobile…

Little shout out pose to the movie Bridesmaids.

Jillian – you rocked it like a professional model on your wedding day!  BEAUTIFUL!

And as if the ceremony details didn’t have your head spinning, the reception details went ON and ON.  There wasn’t a person there that wasn’t in awe.

A choreographed first dance…

and line dance where they kicked their boots up!  SO FUN!

Jillian & Kyle – we will never EVER forget your day.  You all worked so hard to make that all come together perfectly, but the most beautiful part of all of it is that that work, determination, and dedication is within your relationship as well.  You carry your standards with you in everything that you do – wether it’s finding the perfect popcorn for your favors (nailed it!) or making sure that your new spouse is happy and cared for.  We admire you as a couple, and as individuals.  You are so endearing.

There is no way this is even a smidgin of all that Jillian and Kyle’s day was!  Check out their video to see a smidgin more, and be sure to keep an eye out for their video when it’s ready before the holidays!  And Martha… don’t quit your day job!!


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Diane Schaefer - More Tears! Absolutley beautiful. To coin a phrase Karen & Roger you “nailed it”!!!!!

Lisa Hessel - Wow! You two did a beautiful job :). What a beautiful wedding…

Jillian - Yep, crying again . . . thanks a lot Karin and Roger! Seriously though, you captured our day perfectly. Thank you so much. – Sincerely Mrs. H

Jessica Wachtel - Those pictures gave me chills…absolutely gorgeous!! You two rock, wish I could redo my wedding pics!

Laurie Province - OMG! The photos are spectacular. You captured every beautiful detail perfectly!

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