Jillian & Kyle {Engaged}

They grew up on farms in Southern Illinois about 20 minutes apart, and their dads were childhood friends – yet it wasn’t until college when they finally met.  Their dad’s were coming up together to Uof I for “Dad’s Weekend” and Jill was nervous about spending the weekend with this Kyle guy who was a total stranger.  So she looked him up on this new social networking site called Facebook to see if she could find him.  Harmlessly cyberstalking, she found out that he was funny, smart, and attractive – so she sent him a message and asked him to be friends.  He said yes.

When dad’s weekend came, Jill made sure she was sitting by Kyle at all times.  She was officially – hooked.  They went on their first official date that summer break where Kyle took her to dinner and a movie, and the romance began.

A few years later, Kyle and Jill bought a house together.  She was occupying the house alone (and still is) with the plan that they would move in together when they got married.  So knowing the plan – Jill anxiously awaited a ring.  And waited.  And w – a – i – t – e – d.  2.5 months went by of Jill feeling like she was going to pass out every time Kyle reached in his pocket or bent down to tie his shoes.  Much to her dismay – no ring.

The day before their housewarming party Kyle brought home dinner from a fancy Italian restaurant.  Jill thought to herself  – “A. He’s going to propose tonight, or B. He’s buttering me up because he’s NOT going to propose tonight.”  They finished the meal and were cleaning up and Jill’s patience wore thin and she blurted out “Is there ANYTHING you wanted to tell me?” and tears flooded her eyes as he reached into his pocket, pulled out a ring box, and said “Words can’t even describe what you mean to me so I’m not even going to try.  Will you marry me?”  And there – in their kitchen – she said yes.

Jill and Kyle look forward to all the moments of their wedding next October 15th, and to finally moving into their home together the next day!  Enjoy Jill & Kyle’s engagement session.

** For those of you who ask us – or your photographers – what to wear for a session, what time of day the session should be, what you should bring, or what time of year is best… refer to Jill & Kyle’s session.  Their clothing was PERFECT (even Roger commented on it), their props (Illini flag for where they went to school, quilts, fall leaves) incorporated who they are, the time of day (The Golden Hour) goes fast, but in the late fall (Oct. 31st and most definitely the last and best weekend of the season)- you won’t get more amazing sunlight the entire year.  The stars aligned and even though Kyle really wasn’t gung ho about being photographed (a reoccurring theme) you cannot tell and the photos are some of our favorites of the year.

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Jill - Kyle and I love the photos! Thank you!

Diane Schaefer - Absolutely beautiful!!! You captured their personalities in these photos…Thanks!

Amanda Zika - I totally agree on their outfits. Wow! What amazing photos. I love them all.

Rainy - I wish I would have used her as my personal stylist! LOVE these! Note to self….next fall family pictures!

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