Jill & Gary {married}

They were each nervous.  For the last few weeks leading up to the day, she couldn’t sleep.  Both Jill and Gary don’t enjoy the spotlight, and were anxious for the day to finally be here.  They had already promised forever, and they were ready for forever to start.  Jill and Gary have this sweet dynamic when they are together.  Both are a bit quiet, and bit cautious, but when they are together everything just melts together and nothing else in the world matters.  They mesh together so perfectly, you can’t help but see oneness.  Even when they are apart, they carry the other with them.  It’s a beautiful thing to witness, and a incredible story to share.  Enjoy Jill & Gary’s wedding day!!

Hello lover.Jill had the best requests I’ve ever gotten for her wedding day.  “A photo of her Jimmy Choo shoes, and her Kate Spade purse”  Check mark.How adorable are these two?  That’s what is known as “Happy”.LOOK AT THESE TWINS!!!  Can you even stand how cute they are?!?  I almost passed out when looking through photos of these two.  Heartbreakers!I mean – who doesn’t enjoy a good super hero shot!?!?  We had a ton of fun with the boys and their super hero T-shirts and many good laughs!!

We personally get excited when people question our judgement in regards to photo locations.  When it comes to photo opps, we love proving the nay-sayers wrong.  Because what is beautiful to the eye is not always beautiful to the camera and vice versa.  There are some areas that Roger and I just look at and know it’s going to be magic.  Case in point – the following photos.  This is a fenced in area for a dumpster.  2 feet to Gary’s right knee is one smelly dumpster with some foul trash.  Once our noses became numb from the stench it was time to make magic.  Moral of the story… trust your photographers.  We will NEVER ask you to do something that is going to result in a bad photo.  And if we are willing to dry heave in a dumpster area, it’s going to be worth it!!  (On a side note, the flower pic on the left is 12 inches away from poison ivy which made for a very itchy Sunday.  Luckily when you hire us you have 2 photographers – one of whom knows what poison ivy looks like!  SO mostly, trust Roger!!)
Here is where I almost died.  Cupcakes?  Chocolate covered strawberries?  Hello happy place.

Thank you Jill & Gary for choosing us for your special day!  Watching the happiness on your faces, and the joy in your friends and families eyes there is no question that everyone there knew they were watching something spectacular.  The beginning of forever, of a lifetime of memories and good times and bad.  A unbreakable forever.  Cheers to you both and as Jill would say… Rock on.  😉

There is much more of this day to see, so check out this slideshow for more and enjoy!!

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