Jill& Chris {Wedding Day}

Jill & Chris got married on 6/26 at 6:26 p.m.  Jill’s parents AND grandparents got married on 6/26 as well.  So this date was extremely special.  From the first time Jill and I spoke – I knew how significant it was to her to be married on this date – and to be marrying the man of her dreams.  (Our zip code is 62626 also – Jill never said, but I think that may have played a part in them choosing us! 😉



True story – if you see Jill laugh – you will laugh too.  It’s infectious.


and her sweet daddy – playing the piano for her.  I LOVE these shots.  You could feel the love and admiration in the room.  No doubt – Jill married the second man she’d ever truly loved, and the first one will always be first in her heart.


Chris.  Snazzy.  Funny.  Nice.  He’s taken, don’t go getting jealous.


Nice swagger boys.  Nice swagger.


This first glance was very quiet, but you didn’t need to hear anything to see how much love there was in the room.  I adore capturing that moment.

160212We’ve been many places for weddings.  Many.  But on 6/26, we went bowling.  Yes friends, I said bowling.  And I gotta tell ya – I loved every minute of it.  See Jill & Chris had their first date at this bowling alley.  And while they aren’t avid bowlers – it’s also where Chris took Jill to ask her to be his wife.  So just like the date – this spot had meaning.


I loved how these two incorporated their personality, and their uniqueness on their wedding day.  It was so undeniably “them” and so fun.  If you can throw in your personality on your wedding day then you should!  After all – the day is all about YOU – and how many days are like that in life?  Not many.  So not only did they allow time for bowling – we also got to go to this awesome carousel, which yes – made me sick to photograph while on – but it was worth it!


My favorite moment during a ceremony ever.  Jill sings.  And – she sings well.  Like Simon Cowell would even like it – not just Paula.  So during one of the solos – Jill sang harmony.  She looked right straight into Chris’s eyes the entire time.  And I am telling you – it moved everyone to tears.  I was covered in goosebumps and tears ran down my cheeks as I propped myself against a pew so I could steady myself during such an emotional moment.  It’s a moment that noone that was there will ever forget!


OK.  More personality to add to the day.  Chris used to work for a bicycle shop.  So after the ceremony we headed to it and got a two seater bike.  Yeah – so fun.  And this cool blue wall lended a nice backdrop – and matched Jill’s boquet that Chris made her.  You got to love it!


Congrats to Jill & Chris for their incredible, memorable, special day!  Thanks for letting us be a part of it!

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~M~ - Aww I love this story (just like all the rest) and I love these fun photos. I mean seriously, who gets to ride a two seater bike and bowl on their wedding day? I sure didn’t schedule that for ours! Hahaha! What an awesome day that you captured for them!

Jill - Thank you – to both of you – for caputuring the moments that made our day. We will treasure them always.

Jill - So glad I can spell – make that “capturing” our day!


Chris - WOW- outstanding photos on the blog and I can’t wait until I see the rest. Jill if you read this, you are absolutely beautiful. There is one picture on here that my jaw is visibly clenched to try and hold back my tears as looked into Jill’s eyes. Thank you Starry Eyed Studios for your dedication to making our day special through photos and having fun with us.

Amanda Zika - Karin, these are so cool! I love the fact that the bride can sing. How cool! What a gorgeous wedding and a gorgeous couple. Great job as always! May God grant them many years of happiness together!

Dawn Devall - dang it! I know better than to look at these at work! Makes me cry every time!!!

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