Jessica & Todd {Engaged}

Jessica and Todd met officially when they both joined the volunteer fire department at the same time.  Immediately there was a spark.  (yes, the pun was intentional)  Jessica was a recent college graduate and Todd had just returned after a year serving the country in Iraq.  Placed in the same training class, they  fired up a friendship.  (again, loving the puns)  They actually figured out that they went to the same high school and were even on the same cross country team – yet they have no reccolection of one another.  I guess you could say that the timing hadn’t been right in the past, but now it was perfect.

Speaking of timing –

After dating awhile – Todd insisted he wanted to buy a 4-wheeler.  Jessica discouraged him because it wasn’t a good time for them to be making a significant purchase.  Todd finally agreed, but much to Jessica’s dismay on Christmas Eve morning while exchanging gifts Todd took Jessica to the garage and there it was.  On a trailer with a big red bow – a 4 wheeler!!   As she stood there dumfounded and trying to pretend she was pleased, Todd got down on one knee, explained that the 4-wheeler was a distraction and asked Jessica to be his wife.  He then returned the 4-wheeler he had borrowed form his friend at 2:00am that morning.  Todd made the right choice on making a significant purchase – luckily it was the one that goes on a finger!

Todd and Jess look forward to spending their lives together.  When you work 24 hour shifts – time is everything, and when they do get time for one another they make the most of it!  Congrats to you both!  We look forward to being a part of your special day this September!!

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christine - I absolutely LOVE these!!! that field is gorgeous, that couple is gorgeous and Karin- You’re amazing 🙂

Jessica Plocher - love FREAKING love them! So amazing! Thanks for making us look great in pictures, and we don’t even look sweaty!

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