Jessica & Kevin {Wedding Day}

Walking into her Grandma’s house, the hallway to get to Jessica was lined with photos.  Memories of grade school, birthdays, high school, graduation, the big moments that when all put together make up a lifetime.  Voices floated through the rooms, and laughter filled the air.  It could have been any of those days that were proudly displayed on Grandma’s walls.  But this day was different.  This day would change that hallway of memories forever and add to it with a new family, a new commitment, and a lifetime of new memories where the pattern would repeat.  It’s an honor to have captured images that would adorn Grandma’s walls and add to the story – the story of Jessica and Kevin.

We’ve been SO excited to share this wedding day since the drive home the night of the wedding.  It was in every way the perfect day.  The temperatures were the best we’ve ever experienced on a wedding day (in March mind you!), the light was SLAMMIN, the locations were unique and had character, the details were gorgeous, as you’ll soon see the couple is RIDICULOUSLY good looking, and the list could go on and on – but I’d like to get on a photographer’s soap box and explain why – all of the aforementioned set aside – their wedding photos shined and their day was a photographers dream.  It comes down to 2 simple things.  1st – a manageable sized wedding party.  4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen is the ULTIMATE sized wedding party.  The more people you add the more chaos you add.  Having 8 bridesmaids and 8 groomsmen doesn’t mean that your large wedding party is going to yield bad photos – it simply means more time taken away with corralling people and setting things up which ultimately means less time for photos.  Creativity unfortunately isn’t something that instantly comes.  It takes time to evolve.  People also take time to get comfortable in front of the camera.  Which brings me to the main thing that made this wedding day perfection… TIME.  Jessica and Kevin had a first glance, a reasonable ceremony time, and had allowed plenty of time for us to get creative and work stress free.  They walked away with a relaxing day that they could enjoy, and we walked away with HUNDREDS of stellar images of the couple AND their wedding party.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look!

Jessica will remember that I call her “fun sized” like me, and she blew my mind with her HOT wedding day heels to give her a little height for standing next to her oh so tall groom!
The ceremony was held at this AMAZING little chapel in the town where her Grandma lives.  Built in 1890, this chapel is the oldest privately owned and operated church in Illinois.  Let’s discuss Kevin for a second.  Set aside the fact that he looks like country music artist Josh Turner (don’t believe me?  Google him), ignore the fact that he’s incredibly handsome, and don’t even mention that he is incredibly sweet…  because he is off the market.  (OK – you can’t ignore it.  Kevin – you OWN your handsome charm.)But here is where it gets ridiculous.  Jessica.  I can’t even stand looking at this photo because its way too hot.  You are a photographer’s DREAM.  I love your personality, I love your laugh, and I love the way you can look into a camera lens and make out with it with your eyes.  This photo is on order for our office wall and I’m putting it right in front of me so I can stare at you every day.  I’m not even afraid that Roger will fall in love with you because I already beat him to it.  You rock my world.Kevin… still good looking.A heartfelt first glance…and we were ready to rock some awesome photos…I mean seriously… models can’t even pull this off.What gorgeous looks like.married!A kick ass tunnel?  Why not.

LOVED THESE GIRLSand the guys weren’t so bad either!  Gotta love men that do what you ask them to and don’t complain.  Just a little stroll down the amazing streets in Lincoln IL.  Beautiful reception?  Check.  Enough time to capture all the details of the reception without rushing or having to work around hundreds of guests?  Check, check.Jessica and Kevin – we liked you the instant we met you.  You two are kind, fun loving, and charming.  Your day will always be remembered by us as one of our favorite days shooting.  Thank you SO much for making a day that is potentially stressful and hard work, into a effortless, enjoyable day just by being you.  It was an honor to be there to witness your love and the beginning of your lives together!


Now besides this XL blog post, there is a XL photo montage that isn’t even a smidgen of the amount of great photos.  Please check out more by watching!!

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Jessica F - AMAZING! Simply amazing! I cannot stop looking at all of the photos. I am not kidding when I say you guys are MAGIC! Thank you SO much for capturing EXACTLY what our day was like! TenSixteen Photography, Karin and Roger…you have rocked our world yet again. I cannoy thank you enough 🙂

Leslie U - Gorgeous!!! The bride was absolutely beautiful…and Kev wasn’t so bad either 🙂

Amy P. - Beautiful ! Jessica & Kevin looked amazing.

Tamar Kutz - Absolutely amazing!! I wouldnt be able to choose between them! Awesome job!!

Kelly C - BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love all the pics!!!

Abby Deppert - You truly captured the love between these newlyweds! Amazing couple, beautiful wedding, and exquisite photography!

Danielle - The pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!! Everyone looks AMAZING!

Dana A. - OMG these pictures are amazing!! I can’t wait to have them at our wedding!!….. *Hopeful*

THERESA MOORE - Well of course they would be fabulous!

Amy M - These are all gorgeous! What a beautiful day!

Mom (Teri H) - Absolutely Beautiful!!! Fabulous job. Thank you for capturing the true beauty of my gorgeous daughter and handsome son in law and their perfect day!

Kelly C ( the original) - So I will totally be using this photographer at my wedding! Now all I need is a ring. These pictures are gorgeous! I’m sure the couple has something to do with it. Best pictures I have probably seen.

Dylan Carter - The pictures are amazing, Jessica you looked so beautiful on your special day.

Lisa Smithenry Holland - These are absolutely stunning!! Congrats!! I’m very happy for you!

Sarah Moore - Absolutely stunning! You both look amazing!!!!

Boo - The wedding and reception were beautiful, and to capture those special moments has to mean so very much to Jess and Kevin. These pictures not only captured the people and objects, but also the emotions that were being felt by all of us.

Megan H - Gorgeous pictures!!! Love them.

Jolee Franks - Amazing pictures! I even teared up a few times! Just awesome!

Kendra - These pictures tell the story of what the day was all about!!! Amazing photos and couple!!

Kristie A - y’all are absolutely adorable. i loved every single picture. esp the chapel ones! AMAAAAZING!

Paul - Great Pictures!

Kevin Foran - thank you for these great pictures. we have a great day. thank you again.

Aunt Tab - Jessica and Kevin—your pictures are beautiful!! I am so happy that we could share your day with you!!!

Nicole E - Beautiful! They are all so amazing!!!

Ashley A - Awesome pictures! Love them!!!!!!

Cutie (Devin) - Great pictures! Love you Jess and Kevie!

Ashleigh G - BEAUTIFUL reception!

Brian M. - Great pictures!


Trimella J - Gorgeous!

Tonya T - Phenomenal job! Loved them all!

Wendy L - Excellent job!!!

Kris - Can’t stop looking at them! SOOOOO GOOD!

Justin - NICE JOB!

Susie Foran - I may be somewhat biased, but I do believe that these are the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen. Thanks to the wonderful photographers for capturing Kevin and Jessica’s “once-in-a-lifetime” day!!!!!

JoyceCooper - What beautiful pictures!!! They have collected a wonderful memory of a very special day. Love them all….. Grandma Cooper would be so proud. TEARS OF JOY!!!!

Frank - Great weddings, great pictures, great food, great bride and groom. Cheers.

Roger Cooper - OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys are movie stars! Love the pixs and how the presentation was done! What a perfect moment and day for both of you! Great job photo crew!

Uncle Roger

Jackie Aper - Simply stunning. Love all of the Pictures!!<3

Renae Krueger - Soooo happy for the two of you!

NICOLE ARMITAGE - Jessica, you looked beautiful! Love the photos….they’re amazing!

Jill U. - Fantastic pictures!

Cheri Gieseke - Great pictures! It was a beautiful day for a wedding.

Laura Opperman - BEAUTIFUL!!!

Lindsey - Stunning!!! I Love them all!!!

Megan Allspach - Great pics!!!!

Erika Metz - Absolutely amazing pictures! Some of the best that I have EVER seen! WOW!

Laura - Awesome

Tom Foran - Tom Foran

These pics are FIRST CLASS! My son and his beautiful bride sure knew what they were doing when they selected you guys to do their wedding photos. They are AWESOME! It was such a gorgeous day celebrated by so many friends and family. Kevin and Jessica—-We are so proud of the both of you!

Justin - Amazing photos and so happy to be a part of a wonderful day! Two words, “Love Them!”

Rachel - These are some of the best wedding pictures I have ever seen. What an amazing couple and beautiful wedding.

Angela - These are by far the most gorgeous, beautiful and stunning pictures I have ever seen. Perfection! JESS AND KEV ROCK!!!!!

Alayna - Jess you look like a princess! And Kevin looks like a prince! I want to be as pretty as you when I grow up.

Lisa Fink - Beautifull!!! I just keep looking at your pictures, you had a perfect day, perfect location, and of course the perfect couple…no wonder your pics are amazing.

PENNY THOMPSON - Phenomenal pictures!! Fantastic job!! Stunning couple!!

Ronica - Every single one of these pictures are AMAZING. The couple prolly helps! 🙂

Pamela Carter - Jessica and Kevin, Thank you for sharing your special day. Everything, though simple was beautiful and elegant. I visit several this a year so I know the place quite well. I have never had the chance to see inside. Though, I was aware weddings are held there. I just didn’t realize what a beautiful church it truly is. Best wishes for many happy years together.

Michelle Peifer - Beautiful church and stained glass window! Love everything! The Mason jars with flowers….so sweet!

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