Jen & Ryan {Wedding Day}

Hola!  Bienvenido a Jen & Ryan se casa en el del de Playa Carmen México.  What’s that?  You don’t speak Spanish?  Well you are in luck – because I don’t either – although I like to tell Roger that I do.  But we did recently enjoy a stay in Mexico to photograph Jen & Ryan’s wedding in Playa del Carmen Mexico where we learned several things about Mexico – and about love and friendship.  We were thrilled when Jen & Ryan asked us to be the photographers for their destination wedding.  We love to travel and we love weddings so it doesn’t get much better.  But alas – the fact that it was this couple getting married made it THAT much sweeter.  Jen is a friend from high school, and after meeting Ryan during their engagement session – there was no doubt that we would be having the time of our lives in Mexico with these two.  What we didn’t expect was that their families and their friends that they brought with them would make it even better yet.

Leaving the midwest we were just approaching fall weather.  Pumpkins and colorful leaves turned to avocados and palm trees in a blink of en eye (or a trip through customs).  The warm sunlight on our skin, the salt water in the air, we boarded a bus with Jen’s family and friends headed for the resort.  Instantly – it was a fiesta!  Jen and Ryan greeted us in proper beach wear along with margaritas and a smile.  We were instantly one of the group – never once the hired help.  Through dinners, drinks, and poolside chats – throughout the next few days in Mexico we all became family.  Within a lifetime of moments and memories – the ones from this trip will hold true as some of the greatest we’ve ever had.

Memories are better when shared, so please enjoy Jen & Ryan’s Playa del Carmen Mexico wedding!So I’m addicted to the clouds in Mexico.  You know – the big puffy ones with the bright blue sky?  Dear Mexico, your clouds are the bomb.Jen – you know how I feel about your beauty.  But I have NEVER seen you look prettier than on your wedding day.  Your happiness radiated from you.And Ryan – you are handsome and funny and an all around great time.  It’s no wonder Jen loves you.

Everything about Ryan & Jen’s beach ceremony was perfection.  Everyone should be married barefoot in the sand.  This photo reminds me of heaven.  With margaritas.Family photos on the beach seem much less of a task when in the sand without shoes.  Actually – Roger and I photograph better without shoes – I’m convinced of it.  Hello gorgeous palm tree and beautiful couple!Jennifer – I’m jealous of your beauty.  Our favorites!  My shot is on the left, Roger’s on the right.  LOVE them both.There is something VERY important we learned in Mexico that I want to share with you.  OK – two things – the first is that there is no such thing as too much guacamole.  You can eat it for every meal and it is a perfectly sensible breakfast.  The second – and pay attention because this is muy importante – masks, glow sticks, and balloons are a MUST for a good party.  I don’t know why this is – I just know that it works.  Viva de Mexico!

Jen & Ryan – you have found the person for whom your soul loves.  Everyone sees the spark and the joy that the two of you bring in one another.  Jen – I remember at your sister Jamie’s wedding during your toast – you saying that Jamie could be happy living in a shack, as long as she was with Brett.  And I remember at that moment knowing that kind of love, and hoping for you that you would find it too.  On your wedding day I remember thinking to myself that you would be happy and content – no matter where you were – with Ryan by your side.  Life comes full circle, and watching you two confirmed for me that there truly is fate – and we all truly are exactly where life is supposed to be taking us.  Surrounded by the people that love you both – your wedding could have been fun anywhere.  It wasn’t Mexico that made your day fantastic (although don’t get me wrong… I heart Mexico for EVER) it was the happiness and the love that made it magic.  After all – you two could have been happy getting married in a shack – as long as the people who love you were there.  (PS – Thank you for not being married in a shack.  Mexico was much prettier.)

We love you both and can’t be more thankful for the opportunity of capturing your day, and for calling you friends.

Enjoy a slideshow to see more of Jen & Ryan’s wedding.  Warning – it will make you jealous.

Jen & Ryan from Starry-eyed Studios on Vimeo.

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Jamie Lane - It is offical. I am addicted to looking at these pictures and watching the video!! Karin & Roger, thank you!! You have provided my family with photographs that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. I say it a lot, but you two are so talented!! You did such a wonderful job of capturing Jen & Ryan’s happiness and the beauty of the resort. I will want to buy many of the photos of us. And, I love the rj02 photo of the ocean so much that I would like to order it in a large print, maybe a canvas, and put that in my home. Thanks again!!!


Jenny Conrad - Ooooh and Aaaaaah. You think it’s too late to move my wedding to Mexico? Ha. Just kidding. But these are AMAZING! And to think, everyone was worried about a tropical storm/hurricane. I’m going to give credit to good karma for this weather! Jen and Ryan deserved it.

christine - Karin, these are so completely fabulous!!! I love!!

Ashley Gwin - You two ROCK! Everyone needs to realize that destination weddings are the way to go! 🙂

Rainy - These are amazing! Too bad I just mailed my invites…im just saying..guacamole for every meal in Mexico seems more my style ha ha! Karin and Rog….these are your best photo’s yet…well I may be a bit bias 🙂

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